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USA vs. Canada Women’s Soccer

A couple years ago, I attended my first women’s soccer game. Talk about awesome! I loved it. I didn’t so much love the fact that it was beyond freezing cold but the game was incredible. Upbeat, competitive and exciting.

The USA Women’s National Team came back to the area on January 31st and lucky me, I got to attend. A little warmer this time around, it was still fun to go to the game. This game was sold out and had the highest attendance in 10 years! The only problem was… who do I cheer for? Canada or the US?! (My friends here said the US, considering where I live….) Here are a few shots from the big night!

USA v. Canada '14 - 003 USA v. Canada '14 - 011 USA v. Canada '14 - 020 USA v. Canada '14 - 027 USA v. Canada '14 - 029 USA v. Canada '14 - 032 USA v. Canada '14 - 040 USA v. Canada '14 - 062Have you been to any sporting events lately? Any favorites?

Women’s Soccer: USA vs. New Zealand, Frisco, TX

I got into the Women’s World Cup this past year, rooting on USA. When Sy said he was surprising me for my Valentine’s Day gift, I never would have guessed the Women’s soccer game. Heck, I didn’t even know it was going on but he was right, it was a 12 out of 10 even with the cold temperatures.
Now that I think about it – this picture must look pretty ridiculous. Doesn’t it look beautiful outside? Clear, sunny sky, nice green soccer field. It was 34 degrees with a wind of 17mph. It was chilly. The wind was chilly. This Texas weather gets me every time. But here I was, mid-February (it is suppose to be cold in mid-February) at the Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas about to see my first professional soccer game!
The girls warming up (above).
Coach Pia! (below) See – she’s bundled!
Abby Wambach!
Here are the teams waiting to be announced (US on the left). These poor kids, I say poor – I’m sure adrenaline was rushing but they were waiting and waiting and waiting to walk them out. They are wearing shorts and it was freezing! I hope they didn’t get sick. Not that they care – they got to meet professional soccer players!
Close up of the starters.
Hope Solo.
Where’s Waldo? Seriously – do you see Waldo? I found him in the crowd!
Let’s get in some action shots.
Here’s a quick recap of the game. The score was 0-0 for the majority of the game until New Zealand scored in the 49th minute. Pizza Hut park had a sellout crowd who didn’t want to go home with a loss (well there were some New Zealand fans there but come on, we are in the US). At the 88th minute, Alex Morgan (assisted by Rapinoe) scores to even it up. Now they’re tied. At 93 minutes, Alex Morgan scores again (assisted by Wambach) to seal the game with a US victory!
Check out this video for the scoring goal. I somehow managed to get it on video.

The game not only brought a victory to the Women’s team but also broke a record for the highest attendance at Pizza Hut Park in eight years – 20,677 (sellout).
Complete game recap.
The game was so much fun to attend. I’m seriously going to have to keep an eye on their schedule. If you have a chance to catch a game, I would definitely recommend it.