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Canton Trade Days

Maybe you’ve heard the name Canton, it is known as the world’s largest flea market. Canton Trade Days occurs the first Monday of each month in Canton, Texas. Settled oh so well along I-20 in East Texas, this event attracts vendors and visitors from near and far each and every month. Some of these visitors are from Texas but don’t be surprised to run into others from Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma who call Canton home one weekend a month.

Don’t be alarmed when exiting the highway to be in a slew of vehicles that are heading to the same place you are (to avoid a little traffic, take exit 526). When you arrive, you will see not only a ton of vehicles but also RV’s. Some people come out here all weekend. Also, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost or needing a map or not knowing where the heck you are.. this place is huge and its a day long event.

When you arrive in Canton you will see an overwhelming items to see. There is a flea market type area where people are selling just about anything you can think of. In another section, you can walk through open buildings viewing, again anything you can think of (handbags, gourmet food, Texas decor, furniture, jewlery, clothing, baby items, doggie treats, etc.). It’s no joke when they say there is something for everyone.

Considering you will be there all day (or in some cases the weekend), there is plenty to eat and drink. You will find the normal “fair type” items such as corn dogs and hamburgers to slighly healthier options of sandwiches and fruit. Be sure to hit up a lemonade stand and we are after all in Texas so of course, there is Dr. Pepper.

If you find yourself with nothing to do one weekend and feel like roaming around looking for, well just about anything, head over to Canton and check it out.

Parking is $4 cash.
Be sure to bring cash, not all vendors except cards.
Check out the website, there are coupons which can be used at some shops.

For More Info: http://www.cantontradedays.com/