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Vermont Favorites!

This week, we are headed to Vermont! I’m so excited to be going home and introducing Spencer to the Green Mountain State! I may be bias but its my favorite! Fresh air, food fresh out of the garden, dirt roads, a sky full of stars, those Green Mountains, the best craft beer in the world, family, life-long friends, two little nieces – it doesn’t get much better!

Living away from home, there’s certain things that I really look forward to when visiting. Obviously, first and foremost is family and friends. Then there’s certain things that I crave when away or sights that you just miss seeing.

A creemee.
This soft serve ice cream is THE BEST and my favorite. I’m not kidding, I could eat one everyday. A variety of flavors, maple, black raspberry, and orange are a few favorites. Add on rainbow sprinkles and its the best dessert in the world. Yum!


Being in the country!
Fresh air, few people, a night sky full of stars. Country loving.


Standing on top of a mountain.
It’s some kind of a feeling standing on top of a tall mountain with the world below.
[Below: Mt. Mansfield hike with Green Mountain Man]

Mt. Mansfield, VT - 145

Covered bridges.
Oh Vermont, so scenic in every way. These definitely are not found everywhere!
[Learn more on the post on The Covered Bridges in Montgomery, VT]

This is not how it looks in May - don't be fooled!

This is not how it looks in May – don’t be fooled!

Cows and Subaru’s.
I’m fairly certain there’s an equal number of each in Vermont. I love them both equally!


What are some of the images that first come to mind when you think of home?


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Sugarhouses of Northern Vermont

This past weekend, The Vermont Maple Festival was held in St. Albans, Vermont. Vermont is well-known for producing maple syrup (aka liquid gold) and the tradition runs generations deep. Growing up, it’s one of the things that I remember with fond memories.  Collecting sap and sitting in sugarhouses socializing and embracing what helps to make Vermont, Vermont. In the spring, a sugarhouse is main point of connecting with others, catching up while working and there is nothing in this world like the smell of the sweetness in the air and tasting hot, fresh syrup.

Last year, I went home during sugaring season. This is when the sap is running, the syrup is boiling and the fresh made gloriousness that is maple syrup is sitting in barrels waiting to be sold. It had been quite a while since I had been home during maple season and was lucky enough to have my dad bring me around to some of Vermont’s sugarhouses. He is the World Famous Tim after all.

If you’re unfamiliar with sugaring, here is a quick explanation:

Each spring, when the world begins to thaw from the previously, frigid winter, the sap begins to run from the maple trees. Think of the sap like a sweet, sugar water. The sap is collected and boiled in evaporators using heat generated from wood or oil fires. (If simplified, think of a giant, rectangle pot boiling.) The purpose is to boil out the water to a certain extent and the remainder is maple syrup. Rule of thumb, it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Maple syrup also had more calcium than milk and is a natural sugar – so it’s good for you! All of this is done in sugarhouses.

So in honor of sugaring season coming to an end and all the hard-working folks out there getting ready to clean their equipment, attend maple shows,  sell their products and wanting a break, I wanted to feature a few sugarhouses that I saw on my last spring trip home. They come in all shapes and sizes, traditions old and new. One thing is for certain – we all can’t get enough of the liquid gold!

Sugarhouse, Maple Syrup, Vermont Maple, Vermont, Northern Vermont Maple, Tradition Sugarhouse, Maple Syrup, Vermont Maple, Vermont, Northern Vermont Maple, Tradition Sugarhouse, Maple Syrup, Vermont Maple, Vermont, Northern Vermont Maple, Tradition, Fairfield Vermont Sugarhouse, Maple Syrup, Vermont Maple, Vermont, Northern Vermont Maple, Tradition, Richford, Vermont, Sugarhouse, Maple Syrup, Vermont Maple, Vermont, Northern Vermont Maple, Tradition Sugarhouse, Maple Syrup, Vermont Maple, Vermont, Northern Vermont Maple, Tradition

Do you have a tradition in your home state? 

I’m strongly convinced that maple syrup and/or cheese can be put on any kind of food. I’ve yet to be proven wrong.

For a great recipe – check out my recipe for Maple Peanut Butter Pie!

Maple Peanut Butter Pie 002

9 Reasons to Travel to Dripping Springs, Texas

There’s been a lot of buzz around Dripping Springs, Texas lately. Situated just outside of Austin, it really hones in on the Hill Country’s rustic feel just outside the big city. When visiting, these are the top activities that should be on any list when visiting Dripping Springs

  1. Stay
    When in town, go authentic. It’s time to embrace what makes Dripping Springs, Dripping Springs. Cottages, inns, B&B’s, take a pick! There’s so many to choose from but stay in a place which brings character. It’ll add a little pizazze to your story!
    Dripping Springs, Liney Moon, Cottage, Texas, Travel Texas, Accomodations(Above, The Liney Moon)
  2. Eat
    There’s so many great places to eat, the real question is where to begin? The Pizza Cave (below), Rolling in Thyme & Dough or Smoke n’Hops among other local favorites. Come !
  3. Get Outside
    Dripping Springs is the home to the Hamilton Pool reserve. Enjoy the famous Texas swimming hole over scenic limestone including a waterfall to help you cool off after a hike through one of the nearby parks.
  4. Texas Hill Country Olive Oil
    A growing crop, Texas produces olive oil! Stop in for a tour of the grounds and learn how the production of olive oil is growing in Texas. Inside, enjoy olive oil and balsamic vinegar tastings and even pair them with a wine tasting from some of the finest vineyards in Texas.
  5. Explore the Wine Trail
    Did someone say wine?! Dripping Springs is home to vineyards of their own including Solaro Estates Winery and Bell Springs Winery. Looking to stay in town, swing by one of the tasting rooms or wine tours to expand the selection. Need a drive? That’s available too!
  6. Micro Brew Invasion
    Dripping Springs is home to Jester King, Twisted X and Thirsty Planet Brewing Company. Smoke’n Hops and The Barber Shop are the local watering holes to help quench your thirst. Sit back, kick back and relax! Have a cold one!
  7. Distilleries
    The beverages go on and on! Deep Eddy Vodka, Dripping Springs Vodka and Treat Oak Distillery are all in town. Staying in Austin and want to come out for the day? Completely possible with one of the many tours to and from, including the Austin Tour Company which will bring you and your friends to and from downtown Austin to Deep Eddy Vodka for some fun and games.
    Note: All tours at Deep Eddy Vodka must be booked in advance.
  8. Mercer Street
    “Take a step back in time on historic Mercer Street. Home to some of the first businesses in town, you’ll recognize that you’re on Mercer Street well before you see a sign. Historic buildings house the dancehall, perfect for the evening two-step, grab a beer or enjoy some frozen yogurt and ice cream. THere’s a place on Mercer Street for everyone.
  9. Drive
    This is the Hill Country. Explore it, embrace it, take it in. It’s best done behind the wheel with endless destination.
    Dripping Springs TX_0563

What’s your favorite attraction in Dripping Springs? 
What’s on the top of your to do list?