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119th Annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post however I did receive tickets to the event in return for the publication. As always, all opinions are my own. @VisitFortWorth #SeeFortWorth #FWSSR

Each January and early February, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo comes to town. One of, if not the most popular event of the year! Fort Worth becomes filled with adventure, enthusiasm and endless fun, not to mention musicians, cowboys, cowgirls and all of the ranch animals. All of my favorite things! This is an event that shouldn’t be missed!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the Stock Show and Rodeo held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. Before arriving within the gates of the event, we knew something special was going on. Cowboys, cowgirls and children with their boots and cowboy hats were ready to go. The air was filled with Western and Texas tradition (and I was excited)! This is one of my favorite events of the year!

FWSSR 7063

Our first stop were the barns! Hundreds, maybe even thousands of animals fill the grounds. With more than six barns there’s an abundance of cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits and other animals that can be pet. I wanted to snuggle with a few myself. Most of these animals are here for show and with them comes their owners and providers. It’s pretty incredible to see children, teenagers and adults prepare to show these animals. They are cleaned, groomed, blow-dried and prepped. You’ve never pet a cow so soft your entire life. Honestly, you’ll want to lay down in the hay right next to them and cuddle on up. (If you have small children, be sure to swing by the FFA Children’s Barnyard to see the baby animals.)

FWSSR 7061 FWSSR 0151 FWSSR 0146Shopping! With over 4 acres of space, the array of vendors is incredible. Name it and you’ll find it, I guarantee it! A toy John Deer tractor or a massive one to bring out into the field, boots, hats, bedding, furniture, dips, whiskey barrels, cowboy hats and boots and clothing. Your favorite (and new favorite) companies from all areas of Texas and beyond. We spent a good deal of time trying to see all we could see in this area and trying a few items out.

FWSSR 0207 FWSSR 0209Right outside the vendor area was one of my favorite things to see at the Stock Show – the art exhibit. Each year, children of all ages and from all over the state enter the art competition held by the Star Telegram. It blows my mind how beautiful these pieces of art are and that tjeu created by children as young as six years old! It’s AMAZING! Each of the winning pieces are auctioned off. This year, the winning piece sold for $6,000. (If you attend the Stock Show, please stop by this area.)

The grand prize winner!

The grand prize winner!

This chicken was made out of duct tape!

This chicken was made out of duct tape!

Rides? Yes, there are rides that will tucker any child out and ensure they fall asleep as soon as they get into the car! Even the big kids! From the little cars and slides to the ones that will spin you so fast and upside down, there’s something for everyone! While walking the grounds, we ran into a few friends and we all headed over to the ride area. This isn’t typically my “thing” as I can feel my knees start to buckle watching some of these rides go. My friend Ray did successfully talk me into going on the swings, the giant ones. I’m still not sure how he did it or how I hoisted myself up into the seat of the swing (it took a couple tries but I did it)! The view of Fort Worth was so beautiful! The Fort Worth skyline at sunset has to be one of my favorite views that never gets old and is well worth getting on a ride to see for yourself.

FWSSR 0248 FWSSR 0225VisitFortWorth, SeeFortWorth, Family Travel, Fort Worth Texas, Rodeo, Stockshow, Texas Tradition

A day at the stock show is not complete without a trip to the rodeo. Am I right? Besides the animals, this is my favorite (who I am kidding, it’s all my favorite)! The rodeo is held inside the Fort Worth coliseum and there’s not a bad seat to be found! We were surrounded with little cowboys  and cowgirls dressed with their jeans, pearl snaps and hats, visitors from around the world and locals who are all equally excited for the festivities!

FWSSR 7091
Bronc riding, barrel racing, team roping, bull riding, wagon racing and the calf scramble are just a few of the events that we saw. The rodeo lasted about two hours and brought endless entertainment and thrills! You never quite know what is going to happen. Some of the participants are veterans, others just beginning their rodeo careers. Thought the show we heard stories of their legacies, achievements and it was incredible to see how near and far these athletes have traveled to compete in the Fort Worth Rodeo. (If you miss the FWSSR, be sure to catch the Fort Worth Stockyards Rodeo which is year round.)

VisitFortWorth, SeeFortWorth, Family Travel, Fort Worth Texas, Rodeo, Stockshow, Texas Tradition VisitFortWorth, SeeFortWorth, Family Travel, Fort Worth Texas, Rodeo, Stockshow, Texas Tradition


VisitFortWorth, SeeFortWorth, Family Travel, Fort Worth Texas, Rodeo, Stockshow, Texas Tradition

The FWSSR is the perfect Texas way to start the year. There’s absolutely no way that I can touch upon how many events go on during the four weeks the event encompasses. Throughout each day, there’s a magnitude of events and specials which can be found on their website. Let this become a new tradition of surrounding yourself with great people, entertainment and festivities – it’s the Texas and Fort Worth way!

FWSSR 0187

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See you next year!
Have you been to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo?
(There’s still time to attend the event. Going on now until February 7th! See you there!)

DFW Bucket List: Ft. Worth Stockyards Championship Rodeo

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post however I did receive tickets to the event in return for the publication. As always, all opinions are my own. @VisitFortWorth @StockyardsRodeo

Stockyards Rodeo 093Texas and rodeos. They go hand in hand don’t they? Cowboys, horses, bull riding and barrel racing are just a few thoughts that come to mind when thinking about Texas. It’s only appropriate that a rodeo lands on your DFW Bucket List.

The Fort Worth Stockyards allows visitors to step into the Wild West. It doesn’t take much imagination to see what it would’ve been 100 years ago. Brick layered streets, great music, rodeos, history, cattle drives, gun shows and BBQ are just a few things that can be found in the Stockyards. You’re in the Wild Wild West y’all!

Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, Back in the 1800’s, Fort Worth was the last major stop on the Chisholm Trail. Moving more than four million cattle through the area between 1866 and 1890, Fort Worth quickly became known as “Cowtown”. 1876 provided a major turning point, bringing the railroad. In 1887 the Union Stockyards were build a few miles from the Courthouse. Soon enough, with new ownership, the business bloomed. The Union Stockyards became the Fort Worth Stockyards Company, bringing major packers, a Telegraph office, and other supporting businesses to the city. It’s only appropriate that this is where we can find the Stockyards Championship Rodeo today!

Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, Every Friday and Saturday evening, the Stockyards Championship Rodeo takes place. Hailing competitors from around the world, it isn’t out of the ordinary if you hear of a bull rider coming as far away as Australia.

Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, Shortly after an opening ceremony, be prepared for a wild ride. There’s no cutting back, the bull riding kicks things off. 8 seconds doesn’t seem long to most of us but that’s how long these Cowboys need to hold on! Hold on tight boys!

Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, The best part of the rodeo – seeing the face of someone experiencing the event for the first time. After the first bull comes out of the gate, you’re experience in Fort Worth has entirely changed. It’s priceless.

Double Mugging and Ranch Vet – These events represent sorting, doctoring and branding these young animals. Remember, all events depict something performed out on the ranch! Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, Then it’s time to speed things up with a little barrel racing. This is my favorite event. The speed, control and grasp that these ladies and their horses have is amazing! Whip around three barrels (without tipping them over) and back to the gate as quickly as possible.

Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, The rodeo isn’t just an event to watch, you and your family can take part! In between events, the Rodeo Clowns will gather up folks. This particular evening, there was a round for small children (7 and younger) and children slightly older to go down into the arena. A small sheep or calf will be let out with a piece of paper and the children need to be the first one to grab it! If you’re an adult and are thinking “What about me?!”, there’s chances for you too but it wouldn’t be any fun if I told you what they were!

Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, The Cowboys and Cowgirls participating in the rodeo keep this tradition alive. New to the sport or seasoned veterans, this event includes everyone and is for everyone. It’s a huge part of Fort Worth, it’s everywhere you look. History is alive in this town. Come be part of it! Visit-Fort-Worth, Texas, Stockyards, Rodeo, Fort Worth Stockyards Championship Rodeo
Each Friday & Saturday at 8pm
121 E. Exchange Ave. Fort Worth, TX
Tickets: Children 12 and Under $10 Adults $12.50-$22.50

Next To Heaven


Fort Worth Stockshow Rodeo

Ranches, windmills and the country are probably some of my favorite things that I love about Texas. I may have mentioned once or twice that I like the rodeo. Ok – I’ve probably mentioned it at least 100 times and I LOVE the rodeo. I love everything about the rodeo, the cute kids dressed up in their boots, pearl snaps and cowboy hats, the rodeo clowns, the smell of the arena and the cowboys are nice to look at too. In all seriousness, I think it comes down to taking what’s done on the ranch and putting it all into a competition. There’s something about the atmosphere that I can’t quite put my finger on. It just feel like home. All day, everyday – I could do it! Competitors and spectators alike come from near and far to attend this event. It’s an absolute must to watch!

The rodeo for the annual Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo is held at the Will Rogers Coliseum. If you plan on attending, I would suggest getting your tickets well in advance. I tell myself this every year however I procrastinate and then you end up attending at Saturday morning 10am show.
I’ll try to break this all down for ya and include some video.
Event: Bronc Riding
This event was originally based on how to break a horse. Typically, a rider will try not to get thrown off. It shows the horses bucking ability and strength.
Event: Barrel Racing
This is one event I would love to do. Actually, I think I would try all of them at least one. Anywho – barrel racing is where the rider has to race and maneuver her horse around three barrels in the arena in a clover leaf pattern. Knock a barrel down and you’re penalized. The quickest time wins.
Event: Double Mugging & Ranch Vet
I’m not a fan of either of these. Each time, I can just feel myself running with fear, choking and having my limbs pulled apart like the calves/yearlings. (They don’t really have their limbs pulled apart, they get up and go after.) It’s all part of ranch life, you just won’t see me doing these unless I have to (you know, once I marry my cowboy and live my life on a ranch… dreaming). It should be pretty obvious that these events are meant to represent sorting, doctoring and branding these young animals.
I like to always hope that they get away. A few of them do. You’ll see a grin on my face.
Event: Bull Riding
This is my favorite. Just like in the movie or the bar (depending where you are), get on and hold on for 8 seconds boys! Some of these bulls are pretty angry. I mean, you would be too if you had a rope tied around your you-know-what.
During each rodeo, there’s usually entertainment in between each event. My favorite is mutton bustin’ which involves the little kids riding sheep. It’s pretty darn cute. During this rodeo, they had a few different one.
Wagon races. These guys cruise. I would think it’d be pretty fun to spin around the corners on these wagons!

Have you heard of Whiplash?
That’s right! What you’re seeing is a Cowboy Monkey, on a dog, herding sheep!

Then there was Will Rogers himself, well not really but he sure could handle his lasso! On his horse, around him, jumping in and out, while standing and riding his horse. Pretty impressive.

It’s really hard to include everything in this event into one post. If you’d like to see more videos of the FWSSR, head on over to my YouTube page – there’s plenty! I know a few of you live out there on the ranches and do this full time so if something isn’t explained exactly quite right, leave me a comment or send me an email and I’ll update. If that’s the case, also feel free to invite me out to ranch one weekend as well for some first hand experience – I would love it and be forever grateful! 🙂

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