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Fixture, Fort Worth, Aqua Fresca, Cocktail, Fort Worth Date night

Weeknight Date Night – Fixture

Getting together during the week can be tough but sometime we can make it work and when we do, we try to make it count. Trying new places, hitting the deals that can save us a few extra bucks and finding something “new” are all things that we try to incorporate.

For this week’s, ‘Weeknight Date Night” I’m featuring Fixture found on the east side of Magnolia Street in Fort Worth. Magnolia is a super popular at the moment with what seems like a continuing array of new restaurants, bars, coffee shops, brew pubs and growler stations not to mention breweries, distilleries and the cutest homes in the Fairmount neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, we decided to check out Fixture on a rainy day. We first heard about it during the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival and finally got around to going. Fixture believes in serving real food, supporting local businesses and products and creating a relaxing and comfortable space. The interior has a modern appeal, a great patio space in the back and an open bar area. Plenty of TV’s with sports games and a favorite personal touch of a barn door to the bathrooms (how often do you find this somewhere)?

My personal favorite when ordering was this Aqua Fresca – seasonal fruitful flavor, vodka, citrus and soda. I could’ve drank this all day and it doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty either! Other options looked great as well – the toughest problem you may have is picking which one you’ll go with first!

Fixture, Fort Worth, Aqua Fresca, Cocktail, Fort Worth Date night

Main Meal

Once I saw a couple next to us order dessert, I knew I had to leave room for the sweet stuff so we ordered off the brunch menu and split a frittata. Served in a hot skillet (only appropriate), this was more than enough for two people. The frittata included three eggs, jalapeño, mushroom, asparagus, tomato, red onion, feta cheese and a side of salsa verde. DELICIOUS!

Fixture, Fort Worth, Fort Worth Date night, brunch, frittata

If you’d like another option, I would suggest the Texas Cheese Steak. Someone came in and ordered it after we ordered it and I now can’t wait to go back and order my own.


Oh the sweet tooth that I bare! I am a sucker for a good dessert and I’ll tell you where to find the best of the best as well. My soft spot – bread pudding. Remember when I mentioned that I saw a couple order dessert next to us when we first arrived, yea – that dessert menu caught my attention fast and I was ready to go. Lucky enough for me (and you since I’m letting you in on the secret), I have now found the best bread pudding in all of Fort Worth. That’s right – the best bread pudding that has won over my hungry, sweet-desiring heart (ah-hum stomach).

Fixture, Fort Worth, Dessert, Bread Pudding, Fort Worth Date night

The edges provide the right about of crisp with the softest center this is the key to win you over. And now I’m hungry and want a slice…

My favorite part about date night is that it doesn’t have to be traditional. There’s no right or wrong – go for a cocktail, heck go for just dessert or go for the entire meal! Fixture was a really special treat and I’m glad we finally got to go to experience what all the chatter was about.

Here are some other suggestions within walking distance of Fixture to incorporate into your date night!

Friday on the Green – Held once a month April – October, walk over to Magnolia Green Park to enjoy live music, local vendors and local brews. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy your time!

Proper – Directly next to Fixture this a cocktail bar and be ready to be amazed. Calling themselves a “Contemporary Cocktail Habitat”, we were amazed at the knowledge behind each spirit and the attention into every cocktail. Local art is also featured within.

What are some things that you love to incorporate or look for on date nights? 

Our Austin Recap – Food & Brews

Hello Friends!

This past weekend, we headed to Austin for a mini reunion, great food, exploration and a lot of fun! I have to admit, all of my adventures should be credited to my trusty tour guide. We had so much fun and such happy bellies. It was the perfect blend of relaxation, adventures and having fun!


Once we arrived, we wanted to just relax for a few. Lucky for us, there is a great little bar nearby from where we were staying. The Crown & Anchor Pub was perfect for us. A great selection of microbrews (including many of Austin’s finest). Each night has three beers on special, really fast and friendly service and apparently their burgers are a huge hit. Even enjoy $11 pitchers. Atmosphere – your pub with a ton of pictures and memorabilia on the walls, sit on high stools or at a regular table, there’s room for everyone inside or out on the covered patio (dogs welcome).

Friday’s dinner hit the spot after a traffic filled drive down SB35 at Mandola’s Italian Market. There’s something to be said when you ask what some favorites are and you’re told “between me and my family we’ve had everything and we’ve never been disappointed”, you know it’s going to be good! Spencer picked his “usual”, Tortellini Moda Mia and I opted for Shrimp Scampi. Add a glass of wine (you at least need a glass) and it was perfection in it’s finest. Full bellies, big smiles and a great evening. This is also an Italian Market so leave some time to check out what else they have to offer.


Menu Description: Tortellini Moda Mia (Classic pasta stuffed with chicken, pork, mortadella, prosciutto, ricotta and Parmigiano, in a cream sauce with peas & mushrooms).Mandolas-7850

Menu Description: Shrimp Scampi (Large gulf shrimp sauteed in butter, garlic, white wine and fresh lemon juice, served with Fettuccine Alfredo).

Saturday morning left what I had been super excited about – a tour of the University of Texas. We walked campus for about two hours, let’s just say we worked up an appetite.  Spencer went 2 for 2 in the food department. Sandwich shops are the best but when you find a great one that understands the art of making a great sandwich, you stick with it. Fricano’s Deli finds the perfect freshly made bread to sandwich filling ratio. Two important key’s of info – get the sour dough and make sure it’s grilled. Your sandwich will be crispy on the outside and gooey melted cheese and greatness on the inside. (Great on prices.)


Menu Description: Turkey Special (Turkey, cucumber, sprouts, avocado & provolone on your choice of bread.

Speaking of the University of Texas – does Cain and Able’s ring a bell to any of Texas grads? A pure college bar and an extensive line-up of brews. This is a great haunt especially if it’s game day (I’ll have to check that out this fall). I’m not sure which I enjoyed better, the bar or the unending college stories that goes with this place. Either way, can’t go wrong.

Everything’s bigger in Texas right? Well, even around the biggest, you can still find a tiny gem. Let me introduce you to the Tiniest Bar in Texas. Found down on 5th and Bowie, have a seat and enjoy a cold one. Hungry? There’s a small food park connected. Friendly people, great brew variety and relaxation at your fingertips.

If we haven’t had enough adventures, more awaited on Sunday. Austin is full of great art and murals. Perhaps you’ve seen a few. We headed on over south of the Colorado River to find Jo’s Coffee for the beloved I Love You So Much wall. Didn’t disappoint for a quick picture.


We then headed directly across the street to grab a scoop of Amy’s Ice Cream. Pick a flavor, add a topping(s) and be ready to bring a little coolness to your summer day. Our picks were Mexican Vanilla with cookie dough and Blackberry with rainbow sprinkles. Hit the spot! Each time I go to Austin and get to know it a little bit more, it seems a little smaller and a little more familiar. I suppose it helps that I’m welcome with so many other Subaru’s on the road. The food and beverages are great, the people are wicked friendly and it’s all about taking it easy. Life is good folks, life is good!


Have you had a chance to check any of these locations out? Which are your favorites? 

Delicious Food and Weekend Adventures

The weekends just fly by too fast don’t they?! There’s never enough time and never enough room in my stomach. Which remind me… I need to start running again! This past weekend, I hung close to home but was still fascinated by new surroundings.

Reuben, Arlington, Texas, Sandwich

The Reuben – Fork In The Road, Arlington, TX.

First up, Fork In The Road, Arlington, Texas. Just a small restaurant with a few tables, be ready for a vintage, comic book/superhero and hard rock atmosphere. Have no idea what I’m referring to? Just take a visit and get back to me. Known for their “Crackeroni”, I fell in love with the Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich. So delish, I can’t talk about because it’s after closing and I’m going to want another!

Crackeroni, Mac and Cheese, Arlington, Texas, Food Chicken Salad, Sandwich, Arlington, Texas,

Next up was Cat City Grill on Magnolia Street in Fort Worth. If you haven’t noticed, Southside Fort Worth is one of my favorite areas. I could spend all day over there exploring. There’s so much to see and eat! Great houses, fantastic restaurants, art galleries, whiskey distillery, local breweries… and nice cars!

Vintage, Antique Automobiles, Convertible, Triumph

Back to Cat City Grill. The atmosphere in this local restaurant is phenomenal. The food is even better. I wish I had my actual camera as opposed to my cell phone. It just gives me an excuse to go back! On Saturday and Sunday’s they serve a brunch. At first I was a little upset because they didn’t have pancakes but have no fear, delicious food is found here!
Cat City Grill, Southside, Magnolia Street, Fort Worth, Food, BreakfastI was down for breakfast foods which hit the spot but the Shrimp and Grits… Oh my! Oh my, oh my! Jalapeno cheese grits with baby shrimp topped with two large shrimp. A little bit of spice to hit the flavor pallet but not too much to turn you away. This dish had a way of making you want more and more and more!
Food, Fort Worth, Magnolia Street, Southside, Grits, Shrimp&Grits

Sunday evening was capped off with a show to Mr. James Taylor. I’ll tell ya, sitting seven rows from the stage is something I can get use to! He put on a phenomenal show! Thank you Kim! (Again, sorry about the fuzzy iphone camera. Hard to take a photo when you’re body just moves to the beat!)
James Taylor, Verizon Theatre, Music LegendAnd to end it all off, pretty lady and a pretty car! That’s a Rolls-Royce! It’s not everyday you see one of these! Rolls Royce, Cars, Classy, WhiteMy weekend in a nutshell! I hope y’all had great adventures over the weekend! Now let’s start planning the next one!