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If You Haven’t Seen Enough Snow This Week…

New England and the Midwest have been getting pounded with snow and the cold for the last week or so. If they haven’t seen enough, I thought I would share some more. Believe me, if I could partake in all this white greatness, I would. I’d even come clean out your driveways for you!

Here is a little reminder that the snow can be pretty too!

Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Farmhouse, Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Vermont, Snow, Winter Hike, Is anyone else missing the snow? Who has had enough of the snow? 

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Well Hello Vermont, It’s Time For Winter

Amazingly enough, this week is Thanksgiving. I’m not even sure where 2014 went but we’ve only got a month and a half left. Last week, I was in Vermont for a few days. The fall air got a little colder, the daylight became a little shorter, the snow became a little more noticeable but the sunsets and landscapes were just as gorgeous as usual. Always a surprise in the air.

During my visit, I was able to grab a few shots to share with you my beautiful home state of Vermont.

Vermont, Sunset, Richford, Vermont, 802

Richford, Vermont. The mountain is called The Pinnacle which is in Canada.Vermont, Sunset, Richford, Vermont, 802 Vermont, Sunset, Richford, Vermont, 802 Vermont, Sunset, Richford, Vermont, 802

Vermont, Sunset, Richford, Vermont, 802

Jay Peak, Vermont.

Vermont, Sunset, Richford, Vermont, 802

Jay Peak, Vermont.

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Catch the Moments, Week 15

Each day in 2014, I am taking a photo. There is no telling what the photo will be or where the “inspiration” will come from. All photos are taken either with my Nikon D5100 or the iPhone (for those times on the go). Come back each Friday for a complete compilation of the past seven days and link to join / view others as part of the 365 projects!

This week: I missed two days and I didn’t even realize it until now. I hope you can at least enjoy some of the shots that I did grab! Have a great week!

Day 100/365: April 10, 2014
The view outside my apartment. I enjoy my little spot in the “big city”.

Catch The Moment 365, Nature, TreesDay 101/365: April 11, 2014

Day 102/365: April 12, 2014
Headed down to Glen Rose to check out Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. AMAZING!
View more of my adventure, here.

Texas, Family, Day Trip, Animals, ZooDay 103/365: April 13, 2014
I love watertowers. This one is one of my favorites!
(Tuesday’s post will feature the location!)
(04-13-14) 037Day 104/365:
April 14, 2014

Day 105/365: April 15, 2014
The view at work. One of my favorite things (minus the snakes that I occasionally see strolling around.)
Catch The Moment 365, Westlake, Texas, Lake, NatureDay 106/365:
April 16, 2014
Work. Donuts. Goodness.
These cake like ones are my favorite!
Catch The Moment 365, Work, Donut, Foodie

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