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River Legacy Park

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

Spending time outside is my ultimate escape from the busyness of the everyday world. It’s a huge part of my life and some days I can’t get enough. Whether it’s running, hiking or biking, one of my favorite locations in the DFW area is River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas.

Took a break and went for a hike today. The weather couldn’t have been better! #LiveLifeOutside

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This past weekend, I took a little break from all the things that need to be done for a little me time. I hit the dirt and went for a little hike. The weather was perfect, the sounds of the trees and animals relaxing and it was just what this country girl needed.

River Legacy encompasses every aspect of what one may be looking for in a park. Situated next to the Trinity River and Lake Viridian, River Legacy spans 1,300 acres. The options are endless and there’s something for everyone. Parks, grilling, a playground, athletics, paved and unpaved running trails, mountain biking trails, hiking paths, canoe and kayak launches, an educational center and so much more! That’s just recreation.

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

Nature has so much to do with this. How lucky are we to have an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city life into a place that makes everyone feel as if they’re a thousand miles away from all of that. And you never know what you’ll see. Birds, armadillo’s, snakes, I’ve even seen a couple bobcats sunbathing. (Visit my Instagram page for some pictures of creatures I’ve seen along the way.)

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

The people are friendly, the trails are lengthy and you get options of whether you want to hit the paved trail or get off the grid a little bit more and hit the dirt! If anything, it seems as if there’s something new to check out or see on each trip.

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

Have you been to River Legacy? Where’s your favorite place to hike in the North Texas?

River Legacy Park / 701 N. Green Oaks Drive, Arlington, TX 76006

When Summer Comes to a Close

Vermont, Franklin County, Garden

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. Well, let’s be realistic it’s technically gone but some days in Texas it still feels like a Vermont summer. It’s October 29th and it feels perfect. The temperature has been in the 80’s with a cool breeze in the air, the leaves are slightly changing and we (at least I) wish I could be outside enjoying everything the world has to offer 24/7.

Vermont, Franklin County, Garden

For today’s post, we’re taking a look back at my Vermont summer. Although only just two weeks long, this is one of my favorite places. All of the pictures are from my parents home. Views that I grew up with everyday. A brook that I played in constantly (as some childhood friends). A place of fresh, homegrown veggies, crickets in the air and a sky full of stars. Enjoy!

Vermont, Franklin County, Garden Vermont, Franklin County, Garden Vermont, Franklin County, Garden Vermont, Franklin County, Garden Vermont, Franklin County, Garden Vermont, Franklin County, Garden Vermont, Franklin County, Garden

What do you remember most about where you grew up?

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Standing On Top of Vermont (Part III)

(Continuation of Standing on Top of Vermont – Part I, Part II)

152…The trail. Rocks. Boulders. I sat on my butt and slid down one. I got the “I’m petrified of heights” shakes when having to climb over gaps in the rocks. I lost a water bottle along the way.


View from the top… where we were headed to get down…

Low and behold – we made it to the Gondola.

191194Can you hear the angels rejoicing?! I had a way down! I was exhausted (and hungry).

196We walk in to where the seats were spinning and told to we needed a ticket from the gift shop. I’m not even kidding. $19 each for a one way ticket down.

“#$%&@*%%&*#%*” went thru my mind. I’m exhausted, hungry and feeling very, very old.

“Are you serious? No, thank you.” Came out of my mouth.

Side Note: Dear Stowe Resort. This is a photo of a random wire on your property thrown into the woods. Please clean this before winter falls upon us. It’s environmentally irresponsible. (Near Switchback – easy access to Long Trail nearby.) Thank you.

063 (2)Green Mountain Man and I began our walk down the ski slopes. Down a black diamond trail. This was seriously the funniest part of our hike. The man not only runs up the mountain but he also runs down. Then falls. Multiple times. Everytime I buckle down laughing and trying not to pee. Karma, I end up falling and continually laughing. Oy vey. It’s the point in the day when you realize you’ve had enough.

200At one point, we see a road and my brother says “We’re getting farther from the truck. We gotta cut thru the woods. It’s shorter.” Exhausted because I don’t think I have a choice, I follow suit. Branches, tree trunks, brooks, rocks, I twist my ankle, a twig stabs the same ankle. I feel old, like 90 years old. My thighs hurts, both knees, my toes are squished in the tips of my shoes, I somehow manage to laugh thru most of it but at one point I distinctively remember looking at him with the “evil glare” thinking why are you doing this to me again?! I guess he wasn’t worried about it because he later said that his wife would’ve been a whole lot more pissed than I ever was on this trip. He wasn’t worried. Here we are walking thru the woods, trying to find the trail, once again. All of a sudden we hear a rustle to our left. A dog. It might as well been a moose by the way we both jumped. Calamity Jane! Needless to say, we found the trail, found the start of the trail (which was not where we started) and got back to the truck.

156We did it! We hiked Vermont’s highest peak. Although it was a real pain, struggle and terrifying at times but the view from the top was beyond anything I can put into words. This is my home.

Next time, we need a lunch packed but since we hit “the big one” it should all be easy from here on out, right? Plus we have unforgettable sibling memories. That’s pretty special.

158 Did I mention that there was a toll road to the top of the mountain? I veto’d that idea because I thought that would’ve been “cheating”. Needless to say, the toll road creator – was one smart person.