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FWFWF: BBQ at Billy Bob’s

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post however I did receive tickets to the event in return for the publication. As always, all opinions are my own. #FWFWF #BBQBillyBobs #FortWorthTX

What better way to start the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival with BBQ at Billy Bob’s. Capturing what everyone first comes to Fort Worth to experience (BBQ and live music) in the World’s Largest Dancehall. The night wouldn’t have been complete without a little live Texas country. With sufficient room, great pairings and BBQ plates to choose from, every taste bud was satisfied. I was even convinced to try pig cheek…

Billy Bob’s is iconic in every Texas way – an in-house rodeo, a restaurant, bedazzled saddle hanging above the dance floor, artist memorabilia and of course the stage where every country artist dreams of performing. It was only appropriate that the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival started here bringing the best BBQ and beverages from the area for everyone to experience.

The event was held in front of the main stage providing us with the opportunity to say “When have we ever had the chance to stand in front of the stage without any of the tables being in the way, let alone a concert later?!”. With restaurants, breweries, wine companies among many of the local vendors set up throughout we had plenty of room (including tables) to sit and savor the first event of the weekend.

The biggest problem we faced, “Where do we start?” So we started with a little TX Whiskey (and I think a few others did too.).

BBQBB 0673

Mingling around, we tried a few BBQ restaurants that we’ve tried and a few that were new to us.  My personal favorite was top on my list. You can never go wrong with Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ. I heard people complimenting the savory pulled pork all night.

BBQBB 0661

Other local vendors such as Black’s BBQ, the Reata, Del Norte Taco and the Woodshed Smokehouse (among many others) brought their goods to the table.

BBQBB 0640

Black’s BBQ

BBQBB 0652

Del Norte Tacos

BBQBB 0653

Del Norte Tacos

It wasn’t just the locals. The event brought in Perini’s Ranch Steakhouse from Buffalo Gap, Texas. Famous for their steaks, Buffalo Gap Wine and Food Summit and Mr. Perini himself. Now I just need to make it a priority to get out there and try their steaks and bread pudding.

BBQBB 0646

Great food goes hand in hand with cold, refreshing beverages. Am I right? With plenty of options, our pallets were beyond satisfied. Brennan Vineyards, Deep Ellum Brewing, Revolver Brewing, TX Whiskey, and Tito’s Vodka were on hand. Tito’s even prepared us a couple cool cocktails perfect for the summer heat that’s sure to be upon us. A little pineapple jalapeño with your vodka. Take it like a true Texan!

BBQBB 0660

If you enjoy vodka, Tito’s is the way to go.

My most interesting moment of the night goes to Lockhart Smokehouse. If you have a cow and pig head sitting on the table, you’re bound to get some attention. At least this is what happened in my case and they noticed. After taking a photo I began to walk away and I heard “Not so fast there picture lady. Come here.” I approached the table where he pulled a piece of meat from the pig’s cheek, placed it in my palm and said “This is the best piece of meat that you’ll ever taste.”.
Did I do it?…
Didn’t I have to?…
Verdict: It was pretty damn good. Kind of questionable to think about where it came from but if you have the chance, you should do it too.

BBQBB 0654

Yes, I had to throw in a picture to go with the story.

Was that the end of our night? Come on folks, is it a party without some live music?! Thank you to Wade Bowen and his band for playing some of their hits for us on the main stage. Up close in Billy Bob’s, no chairs and tables in the way and a concert that feels like he’s playing just for you. It is a concert at Billy Bob’s just for you! That’s the only way to start off the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival.

BBQBB 0680

And after all that you have a little time to get your two-step going and burn off all the BBQ and cold beverages. How about that for a good evening?

Did you have a chance to attend BBQ at Billy Bob’s? What was your favorite?

A full recap of our experience at the Fort Wort Food and Wine Festival as well as links to the other events can be found, here.

Delicious Food and Weekend Adventures

The weekends just fly by too fast don’t they?! There’s never enough time and never enough room in my stomach. Which remind me… I need to start running again! This past weekend, I hung close to home but was still fascinated by new surroundings.

Reuben, Arlington, Texas, Sandwich

The Reuben – Fork In The Road, Arlington, TX.

First up, Fork In The Road, Arlington, Texas. Just a small restaurant with a few tables, be ready for a vintage, comic book/superhero and hard rock atmosphere. Have no idea what I’m referring to? Just take a visit and get back to me. Known for their “Crackeroni”, I fell in love with the Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich. So delish, I can’t talk about because it’s after closing and I’m going to want another!

Crackeroni, Mac and Cheese, Arlington, Texas, Food Chicken Salad, Sandwich, Arlington, Texas,

Next up was Cat City Grill on Magnolia Street in Fort Worth. If you haven’t noticed, Southside Fort Worth is one of my favorite areas. I could spend all day over there exploring. There’s so much to see and eat! Great houses, fantastic restaurants, art galleries, whiskey distillery, local breweries… and nice cars!

Vintage, Antique Automobiles, Convertible, Triumph

Back to Cat City Grill. The atmosphere in this local restaurant is phenomenal. The food is even better. I wish I had my actual camera as opposed to my cell phone. It just gives me an excuse to go back! On Saturday and Sunday’s they serve a brunch. At first I was a little upset because they didn’t have pancakes but have no fear, delicious food is found here!
Cat City Grill, Southside, Magnolia Street, Fort Worth, Food, BreakfastI was down for breakfast foods which hit the spot but the Shrimp and Grits… Oh my! Oh my, oh my! Jalapeno cheese grits with baby shrimp topped with two large shrimp. A little bit of spice to hit the flavor pallet but not too much to turn you away. This dish had a way of making you want more and more and more!
Food, Fort Worth, Magnolia Street, Southside, Grits, Shrimp&Grits

Sunday evening was capped off with a show to Mr. James Taylor. I’ll tell ya, sitting seven rows from the stage is something I can get use to! He put on a phenomenal show! Thank you Kim! (Again, sorry about the fuzzy iphone camera. Hard to take a photo when you’re body just moves to the beat!)
James Taylor, Verizon Theatre, Music LegendAnd to end it all off, pretty lady and a pretty car! That’s a Rolls-Royce! It’s not everyday you see one of these! Rolls Royce, Cars, Classy, WhiteMy weekend in a nutshell! I hope y’all had great adventures over the weekend! Now let’s start planning the next one!

Catch the Moment, Weeks 21-23

Each day in 2014, I am taking a photo. There is no telling what the photo will be or where the “inspiration” will come from. All photos are taken either with my Nikon D5100 or the iPhone (for those times on the go). Come back each Friday for a complete compilation of the past seven days and link to join / view others as part of the 365 projects!

Let’s just take the elephant out of the room and say I’m way behind on this. I fell off the wagon and the wagon drove off. Obviously, I haven’t been taking a photo everyday so I’ll just fill you in on some of the stuff that’s been going on. Not going to lie… these may all be with my phone. Get ready anyway, living is exciting!

May 23, 2014
I think this was the first band I ever saw in Texas and eight years later they’re still one of my favorites. Velvet Love Box – one of the best cover bands you’ll ever see. Ok, who are we kidding… the best cover band you’ll ever see!


May 25, 2014
The Leavitt Pavilion in Arlington holds free concerts outside at the park from May until September. It’s an incredible opportunity for the community! On this night, we sat in the rain for Charla Corn and Cody Canada and The Departed. Soaked. Do you need reminding of how hard it is to take wet jeans off? Let’s just say it’s a good thing I didn’t have to use the facilities while I was there!
LeavittPavilion037 May 31, 2014
I headed down to Austin to meet up with old friends, spend some time on Lake Austin and go camping. Made new friends and oh hey, saw a little fire dancing.
Fire-Dance, Lake-Austin, ATX, Emma-Long, Camping
June 4, 2014
A little Mickey and The Motorcars at the Capital Bar in Fort Worth? Oh don’t mind if I do! Always a guaranteed great show!
June 5, 2014

One of the best beer labels I’ve seen! If you are in Fort Worth – find yourself at the Bearded Lady. It’s greatness!
Great-Beer-Labels, Prairie-Beer, Beer,
June 7, 2014
Girls Night. Movie: A Fault In Our Stars. Drinks and dinner at BJ’s Restaurant. Enjoyed some delicious mahi-mahi.
June 8, 2014

Lighter Than Air benefit for CF at The Capital Bar in Fort Worth. Grady Spencer and the Work started it off, followed up by Steve Helms, Courtney Patton and Michael Padgett.

Michael-Padgett, Courtney-Patton, Steve-Helms, Texas-Country, Music, Fort-Worth, Capital-Bar, Lighter-Than-Air

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