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March Recap

The past two weekends have been busy, busy, busy! Work, weekends, weeknights, the whole nine yards!
The second weekend of March I headed down to Houston for the annual Brown Family Crawfish boil. I love this family. They are so much fun to hang out with, it’s like having my own big, Southern family. (Which is kind of how I view everyone down here.) As always, it was a great time. Half the fun is driving down to Houston, driving through the Texas country and thru the little towns.

While in Houston, I had lunch with a friend that I went to high school with and haven’t seen in ten years. Seriously, ten years. She now lives in Houston and is expecting a little baby boy in April (isn’t that baby bump adorable?!). After graduating from a class of 28, what are the chances that three of us would be living in Texas ten years later?! It was really great catching up with her and meeting her husband!

The Annual Brown Family Crawfish Boil was full of food and fun. Apples to Apples is one of my favorites!

Weekdays at home.
(L-R, Top-Bottom)
1. The armadillo that I’ve seen that wasn’t roadkill on the side of the road on my run one afternoon.
2-3. Double Fortune? Yes please!
4. View along my run.

This past weekend, a group of us headed to Shreveport, Louisiana for a bachelor / bachelorette party. Us girls stepped up the class a bit. Check out my homemade tutu! (I can include this on my bucket list!) It was a lot of fun. Sure we got some crazy looks from a few but I mean, we look seriously cute if I don’t say so myself! I’d totally do it again!

AND if you are ever in Shreveport, check out the Blind Tiger Restaurant. Seriously, I didn’t hear one complaint from our group about dinner (there were 14 of us and some of us ended up going back the next day for lunch). Below is a picture of the crab cakes with a crawfish sauce on top. Savory greatness!

Well, that’s the bulk of it! I’m hoping to lock myself in my apartment this weekend and get this blog on a roll! I’m working on a new website / layout for y’all plus I’ve got a lot of great upcoming events including a wedding, NASCAR and something that I’m most excited about – a trip to the Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, TX!

Stay tuned y’all!

Meeting The Robertsons

I’ve mentioned my love for Duck Dynasty in prior posts. Heck, we even found their shop in Louisiana. So last week my co-worker and I heard that they were going to be in Wal-Mart (go figure – of all places) signing their book, The Duck Commander Family. Willie and Korie, that is. So, I made sure I had nothing else to do and off to the Big-D I went!
I’ve attended a book signing before and to be honest, it was kind of hellish. It was just hours and hours of waiting in a bookstore line that never moved, however when we got to the front of the line, we spoke to her and got a picture. That part was great. This experience was a little different.
1. It is understandable that you would stand in line at a Wal-Mart to see a self-proclaimed redneck.
2. This line moved and it moved quick (thank you, thank you).
3. As opposed to reading books and sitting on the floor (as the case in the first book signing) we got to quickly go thru the aisles and shop a little. Or peruse in the sporting goods and auto section that is. Did I need any oil and new car seat covers? No, but I got some good Christmas ideas while I was there.
4. Babies. People love having their babies pictures taken with rednecks (and there were some cute ones).
5. Finally, we got to the front of the line. Here is my biggest quirk about the visit. It was super, super rushed. They could only take pictures while signing autographs and they signed quick. So I didn’t get to talk to them, although I’m not really sure what I would have said but it would’ve been nice to have a “moment” but I guess I got one below.
Let’s ignore how ridiculous I look and focus more on how wickedly awesome it is to have a picture taken with these two. More men should have these beards… just sayin’.
Love them – thanks for the signing! Next time, I need to meet Uncle Si and Jase!

Duck Commander

So as many of you know, we attended a wedding in Fort Walton Beach, Florida this past weekend. This meant a 10-12 hour drive, one way, depending on how many times we stopped. Driving thru five states with good people is pretty fun but more on all that goodness later. I’m about to tell you about greatness.
Now, Sy and I have become hooked on this show called Duck Dynasty. It is greatness. It’s based on these hillbillies in Louisiana that became millionaires by inventing duck calls. Regardless, they are funny, wise and completely personable and I can’t get enough. If you haven’t seen the show, take a moment to stop reading this post and go ahead and set your DVR to record every upcoming episode. Go ahead. Every episode. Yes I’m serious. Good? Alright!
So our trip began bright and early Thursday morning. I was first to drive out of the metroplex (YAY! Out of the metroplex we go!) and headed east! A couple pee breaks (thanks Ray!) and we finally hit our first gas fill up, randomly taking an exit in Monroe, LA. Here I was, at this little ole gas station (not even realizing what town I was in) and looking across the street seeing this sign that says “Bayou Pawn”. Wonder what they had in there is really all that was going thru my head. I got booted from driving and as soon as we got back onto the road, I grabbed Sy’s cool phone with the Internet and started Diana’s rambling.
“I wonder where Duck Commander is.”
“On the way back we have to stop at Duck Commander!”
“It’s a weekday, I wonder if Uncle Si is at Duck Commander.”
“Ah hell, we should’ve tried to find it on our way thru Monroe!”
“We ARE stopping on the way back!” Period.
Sunday rolls around. I have been driving from Fort Walton Beach and we’re rolling into Monroe. Florence, the navigation on Sy’s phone, tells me to exit. I exit. Take a left. I take a left. I go over the highway overpass and stop at the light. What do I see in front of me… Bayou Pawn. !&%@(!
I’m not even kidding you, I took the first right past Bayou Pawn and Duck Commander is sitting right there on the left. Thursday, I was across the street from this place and I didn’t even know it and with my luck Uncle Si and the rest of the gang was in Duck Commander and I was with my city folk across the street. How does this happen?! Next time, I’m going to be prepared! We’re planning ahead!
 My Sy standing next to Uncle Si and the crew! “Hey” “Hey”
City boy. Country girl. Duck Commander love!
We just spent the last three days on a white sandy beach on the Florida coast, at a wedding at that and this is the only picture we got together all weekend. Ah well! It’s Duck Commander!
The ducks are still on the roof but it looks like Willie got a new door to his office!
To the folks at Duck Commander, you are fantastic! I’ve even convinced a guy at work to grow out his beard (or maybe he’s convinced me he will do it). We’re coming back thru in September… how about you just happen to be around one Saturday morning? Please?!Now the real question – let’s be realistic here, we weren’t the only ones that stopped to take a picture so I’m figuring there’s some traffic to check out the building. Are any of the guys actually there during the week?