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One Moment Can Change So Many Lives

This is a post that’s very difficult to write and I would very much appreciate your help.

Just over twenty-five years ago, one moment changed four people’s lives. In turn, it also changed eight others – our parents. “On the first day of kindergarten” (as we like to say) four little ladies met and are still incredibly close. Throughout our twenty-five year friendship, our families have all become conjoined. The door is always open to each other in any of our homes. One big ole family. I think it’s safe to say that we always felt like each others parents took us all under their wings in this tiny Vermont town. We are all pretty lucky.

Berkshire, Longway Fundraiser

As we all know, life isn’t always bells and whistles. There’s up’s and down’s that help us to really put life in perspective.

In 2011, one of our mom’s was diagnosed with colon cancer. Since then, she has undergone three chemotherapy treatments and is now on her fourth. Her first two treatments were successful and she did go into remission for some time. Most recently, the cancer has returned and spread.

During this same time, my same friend’s dad began having problems with his legs and is barely able to walk. It was questionable as to if he would be able to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding two months ago. He has had one stint put into one leg and is awaiting to have a bypass done in the other.

These two people have always opened their door to me (and numerous others) and have treated me as a member of their family. They are generous, hold endless fun and have a great sense of humor. Never asking for anything in return.

Berkshire, Longway Fundraiser

Now more than ever help is needed and you too have the opportunity in making a difference. Their daughter has set up a fundraiser to help raise funds to assist in their care and treatment.

It just takes that little glimmer of light to make the biggest difference in someone’s life.

Please consider making a donation in assisting with their care. Sometimes a small donation is the best way to say we care and provide that ounce of hope on a dark day.

In Addition:
For any donation $90+, I will provide an hour photo session free for you and your family (including a disk with the high-resolution, edited photographs). Just mention the donation in the request.

During this upcoming holiday season, please cherish the moments with you and your loved ones and help this incredible family have a few more moments of their own.

Berkshire, Longway Fundraiser

Thank you and please consider donating today!

3rd Annual Ridin’ For A Reason

On Sunday, I attended the 3rd Annual Ridin’ For A Reason held at Adam Smith’s Harley Davidson benefiting Spokes 4 Hope.

3rd Annual Ridin' For a ReasonSpokes 4 Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing bicycles for children from abusive homes. The event included an optional motorcycle rally from Cabela’s in Fort Worth to Adam Smith’s Harley Davidson, followed by a concert headlined by Stoney LaRue.

3rd Annual Ridin' For a Reason Prior to Stoney LaRue’s arrival, an acoustic show was held. Thereafter, Stoney LaRue came on stage and played. Brandon Jenkins even performed a couple songs with him. There was also food, beverages and a silent auction held to help raise money for the kids.

3rd Annual Ridin' For a Reason 3rd Annual Ridin' For a ReasonThe weather was beautiful, great entertainment and a wonderful opportunity to help raise money and awareness for these two organizations. For more information, please visit the websites below:

Spokes 4 Hope
Ridin’ For A Reason

WW: Tornado’s and Reflection

Usually, for Wordless Wednesday’s I show a few pictures from one of my recent travels. For this Wordless Wednesday, I thought it would be a good time for some reflection.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the devastation from the Oklahoma tornado’s by now. My heart aches every time I think about it – the families, friends, children, animals and memories that these folks will never forget. I also think about the devotion of those who have swooped in to help with recovery efforts and what they see through their eyes.

Then I think about the things I am thankful for – my family and friends, having a roof over my head, my life, my health, running and clean water. Material things are just material things. It’s the way a community / country comes together that is fascinating.

In honor of Wordless Wednesday, I encourage every one of us to look around and really take a good look at what we are thankful for and our everyday blessings. It’s sad that sometimes it takes a disaster for some of us to realize this but going forward, I hope we make every effort to count our blessings everyday and how quickly it can be taken away. I know I try.

If you would like to donate:
Text STORM to 80888 to donate $10 to The Salvation Army.
Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross.
Text FOOD to 32333 to donate $10 to the Regional Food Bank.
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