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Becker Vineyards

When Spencer and I first met, we had a little debate on the best wine in Texas. I was on a white wine kick and he swore up and down that it was Becker Vineyard’s Malbec. Between you and me, he may have been right as it’s been one of my favorites ever since. It was only appropriate that when we took our trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, Becker Vineyards was a must on our list.

Fredericksburg has many options for wine tastings, either at a property outside of town or in town on the Urban Wine Walk. For us, we traversed a little of both worlds but started out the day visiting a couple vineyards outside of town. About a 15 minute drive outside of town, we arrived on a rainy, rainy mid-week morning. Luckily of us – we were the first customers of the day and had the entire place to ourselves for a little bit. (Tip: To avoid the majority of tourists, visit Fredericksburg mid-week.) Although, we didn’t get to explore the grounds nearly as much as we wished due to the rain, we savored and tasted the wines like the King and Queen of Texas!


For $15, we sampled six different wines and received a crystal wine glass as a souvenir. With over 15 different wines to choose from, picking was not the easiest thing to do. We made it a point to try as many new wines as possible. I ended up walking away with a 2014 Reserve Roussanne. Now we’re saving it for a special occasion.

Fredericksburg, Texas, VisitFredTX, Wine Trail, Hill Country, Fredericksburg To Do, Becker Vineyards, Wine Trail

It’s a completely different experience to go to a tasting when you’re the only ones there. It’s really special. You have a chance to speak with the staff and get personal and learn a little more about them and the area. The locals give the best travel advice. One thing that I consistently ran into on this trip and meeting new people was that they’re now doing what they love. For instance, the gentleman that helped us, use to be an engineer. He moved back home to Fredericksburg, now lives on the family ranch. In the morning he tends to his cattle and property and then comes in and pours (and gets to meet incredible people passing through). More so – you could tell that he really enjoyed what he did! That, to me, is hitting the sweet spot in life. On a more “visitor level”, it’s an opportunity to learn more about the vineyard itself. We learned a little more about Dr. and Mrs. Becker, the start of the vineyard and the meaning behind some of the art on the labels. To learn more about the mission of a business is fascinating and a look into the heart of the company.

Becker has everything a wine lover on the wine trail could love. Driving up, we were greeted by rows and rows of grapevines.


Upon arrival, we noticed the elegant property.



Walking in, we were first welcomed by a small shop filled with wine items and lavender. Come to know, lavender can be made into any kind of product and Becker Vineyards has it.


The tasting room is grand. Obviously, there’s a magnitude of wine available and information on their wine club as well as wine accessories. There’s a small deli area where anyone can purchase meats and cheese to accompany their tasting. There’s also mementos from prestigious events where Becker Vineyards has been served. See for yourself…
Becker-Vineyards_9551 Becker-Vineyards_9552

Before we left, we went and ventured outside a little. A cabin so cute and quaint immediately grabs the attention. If it wasn’t raining, we definitely would’ve stayed longer.

Becker-Vineyards_0268 Becker-Vineyards_0262Wine tasting at the actual property is a completely different experience and unique. It provides a chance for the vineyard to show a little more of their personality and vibrancy. It’s an experience that you share with others and an opportunity to meet other people in an environment that you both enjoy.


For us, Becker Vineyards played a part in how we met and got to know each other (and still joke about it today). It’s also one of absolute favorites which we will now add to our memory collection and cannot wait to visit again.

What is your favorite type of wine? Have you ever visited Becker Vineyards?

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Fredericksburg, Texas, VisitFredTX, Wine Trail, Hill Country, Fredericksburg To Do, Becker Vineyards

The 6666 Pullman Train Car, Fredericksburg, Texas, Train Car, Presidential Train Car

The 6666 Pullman Train Car

It’s amazing the things that you can find when traveling somewhere new and sometimes it really pays off taking a turn just for the heck of it, unsure what’s waiting to be seen around the corner. Not far from Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas lies a piece of history – the 6666 Pullman Train Car.

When we were in Fredericksburg in March, we decided to spend a little time before a wine tasting driving around town. Low and behold, we found this train car with a United States Presidential Seal. It’s taken some digging but I may have found the secret to this unusual find.


In 1894, Pullman built this train car which was purchased by S. Burde Burnett, a famous cattleman in North Texas and the Quanah’s route of directors, shortly after. Burnett grew to be one of the largest cattleman in the Southwest and as his business grew, he found that he had greater needs to travel. He purchased the train car in order to ease his needs to travel between Fort Worth and his ranch, The Four Sixes Ranch in Wichita County.

The 6666 Pullman Train Car, Fredericksburg, Texas, Train Car

There are a few ideas where the name ‘6666’ derived from. One theory states it was the hand he played to win the ranch in a game of poker. The more accurate account states that Burnett purchased a herd of cattle from another rancher in Denton County in 1871 and Burnett kept the brand.


This train car was not only owned by one of the more famous cattleman in Texas but it was also used by President Theodore Roosevelt (on one of his hunting trips) and Comanche Chief Quanah Parker.


Throughout the years the train car has been bought by multiple owners however today it is owned by Fischer & Wieser in Fredericksburg, a specialty foods company. It is said to a guesthouse or a small B&B. Little did we know it was a place to stay while in town but it was pretty neat to find something so unique exploring town.


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Fredericksburg Inn & Suites, Fredericksburg, Inn, Main Street, Stay

Fredericksburg Inn & Suites

Disclaimer: The Fredericksburg Inn & Suites provide a complimentary two-night stay in exchange for sharing my experience with readers. As always, 100% of opinions, photos and content are my own. 

On a rainy Wednesday evening, we arrived in Fredericksburg, Texas. We checked into the Fredericksburg Inn & Suites, right off Main Street in downtown, amazed at how close it was to the center of it all. Tired after a long drive from Fort Worth, we were ready to relax and get comfortable. Upon entering our room, I would’ve sworn this room was just for me!

Fredericksburg Inn_0232

If you know me, you know I love rustic charm, barns, Luckenbach (it was on our list while in town) and live music. Upon entering the room, low and behold the first thing I noticed was the Luckenbach decor on the walls, exhibiting some local flavor. Next, the barn doors separating the living room, bathroom and bedroom. Ah – it was just for me!

The room itself (one of ten suites on the property) was in the courtyard area with a view of the heated pool, hot tub and lush landscaping. Inside, I met my relaxation! The living area includes a large couch which pulls out into a bed (perfect for the kids or a couple friends), a TV, fridge, coffeemaker and microwave.

Fredericksburg Inn_0220

The bathroom was large and elegant. Perfect for privacy separating the shower and sink areas.

Fredericksburg Inn_0222

The bedroom housed a king size bed and another TV with many, many pillows (again – this room was made for me). As soon as we arrived and saw the room, I thought, we’ve got to come back – two days won’t be long enough!

Fredericksburg Inn_9544a

Now, it rained the entire two days we were in Fredericksburg but honestly, we were in the perfect place. Complimentary breakfasts in the morning not only saved us money and time but it saved us from being in the rain and it was tasty! Texas shaped waffles, pancakes, muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal, yogurt and juices were all available. That’s one heck of a bargain especially if traveling with family (and saves money to purchase your favorite wine or item while visiting town). And don’t tell anyone, but I found delicious, warm chocolate chip cookies in the lobby one afternoon.

Fredericksburg Inn_0291 Fredericksburg Inn_0292 Fredericksburg Inn_0296

Outside, the heated pool and hot tub were well occupied even if it was raining. A firepit, open stone gazebo, grill and lots of room next to Barons Creek to relax, have a picnic and even play a game of washers. It’s really a great place for anyone when traveling, rain or shine.

Fredericksburg Inn_0353 Fredericksburg Inn_0354

The Fredericksburg Inn & Suites is also a historical landmark. The original home on the property is now the kitchen and dining area for breakfast. The interior holds the same walls and flooring and historical documents can be found throughout. It’s really interesting to see and feel what the space use to be like back when and how it remains in tact today. A little bit of Fredericksburg history and charm!

Fredericksburg Inn_0345

We absolutely loved our time at the Fredericksburg Inn & Suites and cannot wait to go back. We didn’t want to leave and felt completely relaxed in our home away from home. This is a place which we would highly recommend to families, couples and even single travelers. The location, accommodations, activities and price are all just right!

Let us know about your stay!

Be sure to check out the Fredericksburg Inn & Suites website as well as their Facebook page for more photographs of their renovated rooms. The rooms and the property are beautiful, (especially when it’s not raining).

For more information:
Fredericksburg Inn & Suites
201 S. Washington
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Facebook: Fredericksburg Inn & Suites

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