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Hello Friends!

Ah! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Wow. One thing is for sure, I’ve thought about this place every day. Life gets busy, hectic even. The plan is to be back here a little more regularly with an update or perhaps an inspiration. Let’s catch up…

Last fall, I began my Masters of Business degree. This is the main reason for the break in posts. I love learning, I think I always have. Maybe it’s influenced in my absolute love and fondness for discovering new places, new adventures and new places on this world we live on. Getting back into the rhythm of school does take some adjustments but it will be worth it in the end. I’m really excited!

Traveling? Adventures? Well, if you know me, you know I can only sit for so long without getting up and having a little fun. So, what have we been up to? There’s so much to share, here’s a glimpse.

We ran a 5k (and I decided I need new shoes).

We had such a great time at the @rahrbrewing Oktoberfest 5k yesterday! Fall is here! @Oktoberfest #seefortworth #rahr

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Of course we attended TX vs. OU weekend at the Cotton Bowl! 

Another great weekend in the books! #txou #cottonbowl #hookem #redriverrivalry

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Came to terms that The Pioneer Woman makes the BEST chocolate pie. It’s so simple and delicious, you’ll want to forget that you made it for your family, hide in a closet and eat the whole thing yourself. Just kidding. Kind of. Here’s the link for the recipe.

I found the bagpipers in Fort Worth during their annual Christmas bar crawl! Spencer didn’t believe me when I said I heard bagpipes. Ho! Ho! Ho!

When bagpipers show up to the bar… #fortworth #tistheseason #bagpipers

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A girls weekend to Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma for Spencer’s Grandmother’s 90th Birthday.

As always, enjoying the local watering holes and live music as well as finding some new ones. (More to come on this.)

We explored our backyard (aka Fort Worth) and came across this gem!

Yesterday, we decided we would explore parts of Fort Worth that we had not yet seen. As soon as we drove by this home, I was intrigued. Then, I saw a historical marker and knew we had to stop. Rock Island is one of the oldest parts of Fort Worth, known for the proximity to the railroad and the Rock Island Railroad Company. This is the Garvey-Viehl house. Built in the early 1880’s, it sits high on a hill overlooking the Trinity and the Coyote drive-in, not far from the historic Stockyards. Mr. Garvey was a grocery dealer who had a store on Main Street near the courthouse. His wife, was granddaughter of Baldwin Samuel who the street is named after. Imagine it’s grandeur years ago in all of its glory. (Yes, those are lions next to the front steps.) Now on the verge of being condemned and Fort Worth loses a little bit of its history. This would be the best little B&B or home if restored. What’s gem. Sadly, we never knew this part of town existed and it was the top find of our day. Now, I’m only intrigued further with a dream of restoring this home. #exploreyourcity #seefortworth #historicalmarker #thisoldhouse #ipulledoverforthis #garveyveihlhouse

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And most recently, we went to Houston for an engagement party and had the chance to swing by NASA! 

Captain Kirk’d our morning. #houston #nasa #nerds #space #rocketships @spencerdavis10

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And so much more!

Stay tuned! I have more to share including a little something for one lucky reader!

Fixture, Fort Worth, Aqua Fresca, Cocktail, Fort Worth Date night

Weeknight Date Night – Fixture

Getting together during the week can be tough but sometime we can make it work and when we do, we try to make it count. Trying new places, hitting the deals that can save us a few extra bucks and finding something “new” are all things that we try to incorporate.

For this week’s, ‘Weeknight Date Night” I’m featuring Fixture found on the east side of Magnolia Street in Fort Worth. Magnolia is a super popular at the moment with what seems like a continuing array of new restaurants, bars, coffee shops, brew pubs and growler stations not to mention breweries, distilleries and the cutest homes in the Fairmount neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, we decided to check out Fixture on a rainy day. We first heard about it during the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival and finally got around to going. Fixture believes in serving real food, supporting local businesses and products and creating a relaxing and comfortable space. The interior has a modern appeal, a great patio space in the back and an open bar area. Plenty of TV’s with sports games and a favorite personal touch of a barn door to the bathrooms (how often do you find this somewhere)?

My personal favorite when ordering was this Aqua Fresca – seasonal fruitful flavor, vodka, citrus and soda. I could’ve drank this all day and it doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty either! Other options looked great as well – the toughest problem you may have is picking which one you’ll go with first!

Fixture, Fort Worth, Aqua Fresca, Cocktail, Fort Worth Date night

Main Meal

Once I saw a couple next to us order dessert, I knew I had to leave room for the sweet stuff so we ordered off the brunch menu and split a frittata. Served in a hot skillet (only appropriate), this was more than enough for two people. The frittata included three eggs, jalapeño, mushroom, asparagus, tomato, red onion, feta cheese and a side of salsa verde. DELICIOUS!

Fixture, Fort Worth, Fort Worth Date night, brunch, frittata

If you’d like another option, I would suggest the Texas Cheese Steak. Someone came in and ordered it after we ordered it and I now can’t wait to go back and order my own.


Oh the sweet tooth that I bare! I am a sucker for a good dessert and I’ll tell you where to find the best of the best as well. My soft spot – bread pudding. Remember when I mentioned that I saw a couple order dessert next to us when we first arrived, yea – that dessert menu caught my attention fast and I was ready to go. Lucky enough for me (and you since I’m letting you in on the secret), I have now found the best bread pudding in all of Fort Worth. That’s right – the best bread pudding that has won over my hungry, sweet-desiring heart (ah-hum stomach).

Fixture, Fort Worth, Dessert, Bread Pudding, Fort Worth Date night

The edges provide the right about of crisp with the softest center this is the key to win you over. And now I’m hungry and want a slice…

My favorite part about date night is that it doesn’t have to be traditional. There’s no right or wrong – go for a cocktail, heck go for just dessert or go for the entire meal! Fixture was a really special treat and I’m glad we finally got to go to experience what all the chatter was about.

Here are some other suggestions within walking distance of Fixture to incorporate into your date night!

Friday on the Green – Held once a month April – October, walk over to Magnolia Green Park to enjoy live music, local vendors and local brews. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy your time!

Proper – Directly next to Fixture this a cocktail bar and be ready to be amazed. Calling themselves a “Contemporary Cocktail Habitat”, we were amazed at the knowledge behind each spirit and the attention into every cocktail. Local art is also featured within.

What are some things that you love to incorporate or look for on date nights? 

Firestone & Robertson Distilling, Whiskey, Fort Worth, Texas Distillery

TX Whiskey Tour, Fort Worth’s Distillery

This past weekend, we had a couple friends from Dallas come over to the great Fort Worth. Of course we were going to bring them to some of our favorite spots around town but we also wanted to do something that would be new to all of us.

Firestone & Robertson Distilling, Whiskey, Fort Worth, Texas Distillery

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company is located in Fort Worth. Perhaps its more familiar as TX Whiskey.  Last year at the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival, we were heavily introduced to TX Whiskey at the Desserts After Dark event where each dessert and cocktail incorporated TX Whiskey. Let’s just say, I’ve been eyeing this tour for about a year and this was the perfect opportunity with the perfect group. What a hot spot for tours! Only offered on Saturday’s, we had to book our spots weeks in advance. (Note, there are no tours in some summer months so if you’re interested, plan ahead.)

Firestone & Robertson Distilling, Whiskey, Fort Worth, Texas Distillery Firestone & Robertson Distilling, Whiskey, Fort Worth, Texas Distillery


Upon arrival, one would never guess that 901 Vickery is a distillery. In the old Fort Worth district, the location housed a moving company from the 1920’s to the late 1970’s. The building has sat untouched until 2009. That’s right, untouched for thirty plus years! Inside, the facility has been completely redone, featuring amazing brick exposure and woodwork, re-purposing materials in every way possible and holding an amazing secret, hand made Texas bourbon whiskey.

FRD DSC_0201

If you’re in for an in-depth experience learning about bourbon and whiskey, this is your place. Don’t expect this to be a quick tour, it will last for an hour and a half and provide amazing information on the history, process and production including time to ask questions. Our tour started out learning how F&R Distillery began and the building choice, history and design. Next, we moved into the actual distillery. Surrounded by hundreds, hold on – thousands of barrels we began the discussion on bourbon. What makes a bourbon? A minimum of two years aging in an oak barrel, needs to be made in the United States and made with at least 51% corn (the rest of the recipe is up to you).

FRD DSC_0204

Next, we moved on to learning what ingredients TX Whiskey uses to make their bourbon, the fermentation process, the significance of barrels, the importance of the two large copper pot stills and a column still right down to the bottling. The entire process involves no technology. There’s no sensors, gauges, only a device to regulate temperature and a head distiller from Kentucky whose family has been in the business for over a hundred years. Resources are everything and it can’t get much better than that. TX Whiskey proves this with their chosen Texas ingredients and production process.

Firestone & Robertson Distilling, Whiskey, Fort Worth, Texas Distillery

What makes TX Whiskey stand out? The taste, definitely, but let’s talk about these corks! The corks grab a lot of attention. It’s the variety. It’s showing that each bottle and cork is unique. First, teaming up with M.L. Leddy’s in Fort Worth, each cork is topped with a unique leather or skin (i.e. snake). Within the tour, we stopped by the area where they make the corks. For free, anyone can come in and drop off a piece of material to make the cork top. This is the wall where they have some of their favorite and most memorable (and unique) material in which cork toppers have been made. What a personal gift to have!

Firestone & Robertson Distilling, Whiskey, Fort Worth, Texas Distillery Firestone & Robertson Distilling, Whiskey, Fort Worth, Texas Distillery

Throughout the entire tour, you really get a feel of how important Fort Worth and Texas is to this business. Firestone and Robertson Distilling built this company based on Fort Worth and for Fort Worth. Texas through and through. From what we were told, there’s a lot of exciting things to come, a bigger and new location, fresh opportunities and lots more whiskey on the way!

FRD DSC_0216

What’s your favorite Whiskey drink?