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All Western Parade, Rodeo, Fort Worth, FWSSR, Texas, El Paso Sheriffs Posse

All Western Parade, Fort Worth

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All Western Parade 2159

For the past 120 years, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has been held in Fort Worth. On the first Saturday of the festivities, the All Western Parade is held in downtown Fort Worth. This is the biggest western themed and non-motorized parade in the world. In the world folks!

All Western Parade 2110

On Saturday morning, we lined the streets along with other eager (and cold) guests to take part in the parade. This event exemplifies the history, tradition and heritage found in Fort Worth. Known for the Stockyards, this is the event that meets the wild west, cowboys, cowgirls and the history and tradition that has made this city what it is today. This event is free although you can pay for reserved bleacher seats however I would say to grab a couple chairs and find a spot along the parade route. It’s free and there was plenty of space. Be prepared, the parade lasted over an hour and a half.

All Western Parade 2145a

The parade was incredibly unique! First, when have you ever attended a non-motorized parade? I can honestly say this was my first. No vehicles – the means of transportation included riding an animal, be pulled by an animal (via a wagon) or your own two legs. There had to be well over a thousand horses. Participant’s included local organizations and community members, local public service organizations (such as the Fort Worth Police Department), out-of-towners (the El Paso Sheriff’s posse was one of my personal favorites as you’ll see with the pictures) as well as American and Mexican participant’s in traditional garb.

All Western Parade 2129 All Western Parade 2132

With the tradition that is exuberant in Fort Worth, this is one event that you may never find anywhere else. You’ll be entertained, the kids imagination will go wild – it’s definitely enjoyable for everyone involved. Welcome to the Wild West folks! Now, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

All Western Parade 2141a All Western Parade 2120a All Western Parade 2147 All Western Parade 2123 All Western Parade 2158

This town is full of history, yesterday’s and today’s.
What is your favorite part of the Wild, Wild West?

Rahr Oktoberfest 5k (and Discount Code)!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post however I did receive admission to the event. As always, all opinions are my own.


Summer is quickly coming to a close and soon it will bring one of my favorite times of year. It’s time for Oktoberfest! One of the most widely enjoyed events in Fort Worth is the Rahr & Sons Oktoberfest 5k that will take place on Saturday, September 26th (and I have a discount for you)!

Come join us on Saturday, September 26th for a great run and tasty brews!

Activities include:

Run / Walk
Bier Garden
Live Polka Music
Bavarian treats
Dry Fit Shirts
Rahr & Sons specialty pint glass

Official shirt and finisher pint glass each registrant receives.

Official shirt and finisher pint glass each registrant receives.

I am LOVING these pint glasses!

To make this event even better, Down Home Traveler has teamed up with this event to offer a $5 discount to each registrant.

Discount Code: ‘DHT’ to save $5 on registration.

To help us all get into a better beer drinking and running shape, two social runs are also scheduled at the brewery – Saturday, August 1st and Saturday, September 5th. Check out the Rahr Oktoberfest 5k event page on Facebook (see the events tab) for more information!


Who is going to join me?!

Beer & Batman

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a little fun and just let loose. This past weekend, a few of us braved the crazy Texas weather (because believe it or not all it does is rain here) and attended the Untapped Festival in Fort Worth.


With lots of great breweries in attendance from around the country, we were in for a treat! Two stages with live music, the festival moved to the parking lot so we wouldn’t sink in a wet field and surrounded by other beer lovers, we were loving it! Then my priorities changed, I saw Batman and knew I had to get a picture.

Untapped FW 7729

I figured if Batman could show his muscles, I could too!

And then we met the crazier (aka scarier) portion and I wanted no part…

Untapped FW 7736

We seriously had such a great time. If you’ve never attended this event, you should be prepared for great beer and lots of it! The lines were not bad, if existent at all (maybe that was due to the weather), breweries had a wide selection and special tastings. With events happening in numerous locations, take a little trip and try a tasting.

Untapped FW 7737

Later in the evening, the storms started creeping in again and so we relocated to The Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth (another perfect microbrew masterpiece). This was the prize of the evening. Couldn’t think of ending the day with a better selection.

Untapped FW 7742Until next time!

Have you attended Untapped (or let’s be serious – seen Batman?!)?