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Delicious Food and Weekend Adventures

The weekends just fly by too fast don’t they?! There’s never enough time and never enough room in my stomach. Which remind me… I need to start running again! This past weekend, I hung close to home but was still fascinated by new surroundings.

Reuben, Arlington, Texas, Sandwich

The Reuben – Fork In The Road, Arlington, TX.

First up, Fork In The Road, Arlington, Texas. Just a small restaurant with a few tables, be ready for a vintage, comic book/superhero and hard rock atmosphere. Have no idea what I’m referring to? Just take a visit and get back to me. Known for their “Crackeroni”, I fell in love with the Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich. So delish, I can’t talk about because it’s after closing and I’m going to want another!

Crackeroni, Mac and Cheese, Arlington, Texas, Food Chicken Salad, Sandwich, Arlington, Texas,

Next up was Cat City Grill on Magnolia Street in Fort Worth. If you haven’t noticed, Southside Fort Worth is one of my favorite areas. I could spend all day over there exploring. There’s so much to see and eat! Great houses, fantastic restaurants, art galleries, whiskey distillery, local breweries… and nice cars!

Vintage, Antique Automobiles, Convertible, Triumph

Back to Cat City Grill. The atmosphere in this local restaurant is phenomenal. The food is even better. I wish I had my actual camera as opposed to my cell phone. It just gives me an excuse to go back! On Saturday and Sunday’s they serve a brunch. At first I was a little upset because they didn’t have pancakes but have no fear, delicious food is found here!
Cat City Grill, Southside, Magnolia Street, Fort Worth, Food, BreakfastI was down for breakfast foods which hit the spot but the Shrimp and Grits… Oh my! Oh my, oh my! Jalapeno cheese grits with baby shrimp topped with two large shrimp. A little bit of spice to hit the flavor pallet but not too much to turn you away. This dish had a way of making you want more and more and more!
Food, Fort Worth, Magnolia Street, Southside, Grits, Shrimp&Grits

Sunday evening was capped off with a show to Mr. James Taylor. I’ll tell ya, sitting seven rows from the stage is something I can get use to! He put on a phenomenal show! Thank you Kim! (Again, sorry about the fuzzy iphone camera. Hard to take a photo when you’re body just moves to the beat!)
James Taylor, Verizon Theatre, Music LegendAnd to end it all off, pretty lady and a pretty car! That’s a Rolls-Royce! It’s not everyday you see one of these! Rolls Royce, Cars, Classy, WhiteMy weekend in a nutshell! I hope y’all had great adventures over the weekend! Now let’s start planning the next one!

NASCAR at TMS, Fall 2013

Last weekend was one of my favorite times of the year, NASCAR weekend. There is absolutely nothing like heading out to Texas Motor Speedway, meeting up with great people, grilling out, catching up on some laughs and watching the cars “turn left”. Never would I have thought that I would be a fan but boy, have I been missing out!

NASCAR, TMS, NOV. 2013These weekends are spent camping out in RV’s. We stay outside the racetrack, some stay within the track (more on that later).  Flags are flying high, grills and campfires are going, usually there is a TV outside with football on. We are in the South, none of this should be surprising. Plus you never know what’s going to happen. Case in point – Diana takes a ride on a horse…. we are in Texas after all!


Fans across the way. Yes, that does say "Infidel" and "Come and Take It".

Fans across the way. Yes, that does say “Infidel” and “Come and Take It”.


Saturday’s Winner: Brad Keselowski

NASCAR, TMS, NOV. 2013At night, the party is just getting started. We headed to the infield for some debauchery. It also happened to be a time when a few of the drivers were giving ride-along’s around the track (I’m convinced my invitation was lost). Although what happens in the infield, stays in the infield, I will tell you this. There are massive vehicles, interesting vehicles and modes of transportation (including cooler trains that move too fast capture with your camera). There’s also a lot of drunk people but – it’s the infield at NASCAR. It’s one heck of a time!

This guy was rocking out at an open karaoke. He was joined by his harmonica, a very drunk redneck and a man in the background (you’ll see towards the end of video” who joined in on his air guitar and air harmonica.

NASCAR TMS Nov. 2013The next morning, when we all woke up and felt “refreshed”, it’s time for the final race of the weekend. Bittersweet as we can’t wait for the race but we’re not yet ready for the weekend to be over.


Making really tall friends!

And then it’s time for the race!


Jimmie Johnson Wins!
Jimmie Johnson Wins!
NASCAR, TMS, NOV. 2013All in all, it was an incredible weekend! I couldn’t have asked for a better time except to maybe have the wind stop blowing for a bit (it got chilly). Seriously – one of the best times!
TMS, NASCAR, Nov. 2013Have you ever been to a NASCAR race? What did you think?!

Volkswagen Car Rally

While I was visiting Fredericksburg in April, there happened to be a Volkswagen convention in town. There’s literally a different event every weekend year round in Fredericksburg. (Check out their calendar. It’s packed!) It was like walking into the 1970’s seeing all these cars. I think the best way to describe this is to let the photo’s speak for themselves. There were one to two hundred cars around, a great variety.

Here ya go!

Growing up, I use to want a bug – I thought they were so cute. Now, if I had to pick I’d go for the Thing.

This dune buggy – I’d love to take for an off road drive!

I have no idea what this is (below), but it really reminds me of the Bat-mobile.

Texas Tuesday link up with Amanda from Princess of the Panhandle and Crystal from Masons Mama. This is a chance for any blogger to participate in a post on the greatness of Texas! There’s so much to explore!