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BlogHer ’13 – The People, The Parties

BlogHer brings about many opportunities to network. Get out there and meet other bloggers who you’ve become friends with online, bloggers who you are meeting for the first time at the event and, as always, the sponsors. Parties are a huge deal. Not only the parties hosted by event sponsors but the private, invite only parties.

I only knew one other blogger that was attending the event, and I was rooming with her. I walked away with so much more. I met her friends, I made new friends and most of all, I made some travel blogging friends!

271Liz from Yes/No Films and I at the CheeseburgHer party in the Presidential Suite at the Sheraton Hotel.


Cracker Barrel Cheese – Not only did we receive a demonstration on how to pair and present food, we also met Top Chef 2012’s Runner-up, Sarah Grueneberg and had a Food Network Challenge of our own! We each received a box and had to make it work. (I had Valentine’s Day)PicMonkey CollageYappem – hosted a party at the Navy Pier. Talk about a place for an event! Two people won $12,000.00 each… just saying.

PicMonkey Collage1Lazy Boy – We had our nails painted, make-up done and chair massages not to mention meet Kelly Edwards (host and co-host of HGTV’s Design on a Dime). Can’t complain about any of that!

241South Fort Walton Beach – If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. Why? It has to do with travel of course and that’s my favorite! This is also where I met my first travel blogger of the event and I tried out their local beer, shrimp and grits and had some live music from the most popular local, South Ft. Walton Beach band! Like I said, right up my alley!

PicMonkey Collage2These are just a few of the events I was able to attend. Each were unique and a lot of fun!

BlogHer Swag


Harry Potter Wand

As previously mentioned, BlogHer 2013 in Chicago was amazing. Something that everyone often hears or wants to hear about is the swag. I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot of it. Be prepared to bring an extra suitcase for all the stuff that you’ll bring back. Rule #1, be smart about what you pick up. If you are extra smart you will go through the items at the end of each night and get rid of the items you do not want. That’s if you have enough time / energy at the end of the day.

It’s not all about obtaining “free” items, at least not to me. I was exposed to companies that I’ve never heard of, products that have yet to be released and made contacts with companies that directly relate to my blog. More so, it’s opened me to new ideas to touch upon my blog that I’ve never even thought about. Win – win all around!

Now to the good stuff, here are some of my favorite items!


Speck iPhone 5 camera case and some pretty fabulous nail polish. This case rocks my world. Thank you Speck and Best Buy!


This is the most comfortable shirt and … well… how can you not like it?!


Udi’s – the best gluten free cookie / cookie in general that I’ve tasted in a long time. This may be bad news!


Books! From meeting Kelly Edwards (who also signed my book) to the St. Martin’s publishing books… who doesn’t love diving into a good book?!


An array of children’s items that was mixed in with a few things that I picked up along the way. My niece / family will be very appreciative of these (as well as some good items for the family vacation road trip).


South Fort Walton Beach hosted a party (quite possibly the best party I attended while at BlogHer) and provided each guest with a Mophie! How awesome is that?!


A collection of items from the swag bags as well as the Walgreens bag I won (filled with a small pharmacy). I also won a bag from Universal Studios with a Minion (see previously posted Instagram photo), Spiderman, Transformer and the awesome Harry Potter Wand (at the top of the post). Heather and I were having fun practicing magic! haha

193Unpacking all of this was a different story! Cannot thank the sponsors enough for these products. Absolutely amazing!

Bucket List: Another One Checked Off!

I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out how I’m going to share my experience at BlogHer a couple weeks ago. It was absolutely amazing to say the least. So we’ll start off with my favorite, the sights of Chicago!


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL

Checking one off my Bucket List for 28 in 28, was to complete a 5k… and I DID IT! The best part about this 5k was not getting up at 5:45am, but the sights along the way! (I know, hard to believe isn’t it?!). Chicago stole my heart. More specifically, the architecture. Have y’all been to Chicago?! I didn’t know what to expect but I was blown away. The downtown area is so clean and the buildings, oh the buildings are gorgeous!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL

Diana meets Lake Michigan. Let’s stop for a quick, “I look like hell but I want a photo anyway” opportunity!


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL

And then we ran next to the Lake. So beautiful and peaceful in the morning!


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL

To prove I completed the 5k, here I am at the Best Buy finish line! The 5k was sponsored by Best Buy, they graciously provided us all with FitBit’s for participating. That little life tracker is there on my wrist, the model that I am at 6:30am. haha!


BlogHer 2013 Sights on 5k Run
Chicago, IL

Now that I have one under my belt, I’m excited to take part in The Color Run this fall. (Don’t forget to grab your $5 discount code!) Chicago is beautiful! If you have a chance to go, don’t pass it up. I’m already looking for a reason to go back!