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48 Hours in Fredericksburg, Texas

Last week, we headed to Fredericksburg, Texas for a little wine and relaxation. Although we were only in town for slightly less than 48 hours, we made the most of it and you can too! There will be a lot more information on our getaway in the weeks to come but in case you decide to head down for a quick trip (as you should), I wanted to share how we made the best of our 48 hours!

Our trip was a Wednesday evening thru Friday afternoon. Fredericksburg is a town where there is so much to do that it didn’t even matter that the weather was less than stellar. If anything, it provided more of a reason to pour ourselves another glass!

Step #1: Find yourself a great place to stay.


We started our journey from Fort Worth after work on a Wednesday evening. Three and a half hours later, we arrived. This gave us time to unwind after the long drive and left us with a full day to really take in the sights!

We stayed at the Fredericksburg Inn & Suites, right off Main Street in the historic downtown. These accommodations were awesome!!! Not only is this a historic landmark, they provide a full breakfast in the morning, freshly baked cookies in the lobby in the afternoon AND our room was gorgeous. The icing on the cake – our room had a Luckenbach theme. It’s like they knew the way right to my heart!

Night #1: Check in, settle in, pop open a bottle of wine and kick your feet back and exhale – you’re on vacation!

Full Day #1
It was raining. Pardon me, pouring outside so a trip to the Enchanted Rock was out of the question. (If it’s not raining, definitely try to do this first thing in the morning!)

8am – Rise and Shine followed by delicious pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon and yogurt in the inn.

10am – We headed over to the Fredericksburg Visitors and Convention Center (CVB). This is a chance to find what it is we wanted to see. There is so much to do so we picked a few of our favorites.

11am – We were headed to the vineyard, Becker Vineyards that is. With little time to spare, it’s time to make it count! Becker Vineyards is about 10-15 minutes outside of town. Regardless of which vineyard you choose, use the morning to head out to spend time at an actual vineyard. We were the first to arrive! Oh the glory of having an entire tasting room to yourself!

Becker Vineyards_0249

12:30pm – Time to find another winery. 4.0 Cellars was our choice. This was a slightly different adventure as there were three wineries in one location! That’s right – why have wine from only one winery when you can have three?! Easy choice!

2pm – Head back to town, it’s time to grab a bite to eat. We headed back to the Inn, parked and walked down over to Main Street. We are a little indecisive when we’re hungry but lucky for us the Fredericksburg Brewery is right on Main Street so we wandered right in. Grab a flight and pretty much anything off the menu. I’ve never had anything that wasn’t delicious!


3:30pmShop This area is historic and there’s something around every corner. Peruse the stores. Everything from art, antiques, locally made goods. If shopping is not for you, there’s always starting the next event early…


4pm – Downtown is also home of the Urban Wine Trail! The wine country has brought the wine to town! With at least seven tasting rooms within walking distance to each other, there’s no reason to drive outside of town, they’ve brought the good stuff to you! As we walked down Main Street, we made a stop to the Fiesta Winery tasting room.  How convenient it is to just pop on in and grab a glass.

Tip: Grab a glass to go! It’s legal to walk within the historic district of Fredericksburg with your glass.


5:30pm – Peruse Main Street or explore the town! There’s so much to see and do that we really feel like we haven’t touched the tip of the iceberg. We found this gem in town while exploring.


7pm – Dinner. Although we were in a German town, we went Italian and my belly sure was happy that we did. Pasta Bella, right off Main Street feels like a secret heaven, homemade Italian food. (Below: Seafood ravioli.) There’s plenty of options, search around and I’m sure you’ll find something you will love!


Day 2

8am – Time to rise and shine, grab breakfast and check out of the hotel. A full day of activities ahead!

If there’s time before 11am, I highly suggest exploring the area. Take a detour off Main Street and explore! There’s so many historical buildings, the homes and B&B’s have an immense amount of character and the community of this town shines through and through.


11am – Wine tasting – at it again bright and early. This had to be my favorite tasting of the entire trip – Lost Draw Cellars. Where to begin – there wasn’t a single wine that we didn’t enjoy, the hospitality and conversation was amazing (trust me – talk to Troy) and they’re authentic and focused on building a community.

Need an extra incentive, they have a tasting wall. Buy a glass and pay it forward or perhaps you already have one waiting for you. Hint: To the next Vermonter that walks in, your first glass is one me!


12:30pmLuckenbach One of my favorite places in Texas, this is it. It’s not just a song, this place really exists. The post office, the bar, the stage, wild chickens, cowboy hats, BBQ and a dancehall. The best part is the authenticity and meeting people from all over! Stories are amazing! Reminisce in this little spot and enjoy the live music from those who step in (or join in yourself)!


2:30pm – Eat lunch at the Hye Market. Just outside of town off Highway 290, lies the little town of Hye. The significance of the Hye Market location is that it is the post office that President Lyndon B. Johnson used for his entire life. (Read more about the history here from my last trip.) Today, it is still the functioning post office but it is also a market where you will have the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten in your life.

My recommendation: The Levi Local – Honey roasted turkey, swiss cheese, local herb aioli on wheat bread. I’m still trying to figure out how they made that sandwich so good. It disappeared right before my eyes!


4pm – Garrison Brothers Distillery Bourbon you say? The scenery reminds me of Virginia. The country, rustic atmosphere, not a neighbor in sight and relaxing in nature…. add a glass of bourbon, have a seat in the rocking chairs and we’re all set! This tour was so interesting! We love hearing how businesses begin and this is no exception. The Garrison Brothers are passionate about their product. The tour walks guests through each step of the process including samples along the way.


6pm – Time to head to the next destination or stay longer – that’s the best choice!

– Swing by the CVB for information. Some pamphlets may have coupons for discounts or free products!
– Take advantage of visiting during the week!
– Most tasting rooms open around 11am.
– Give yourself about an hour at each tasting. Take your time, enjoy the wine, have great conversation with others. Some locations will even have cheese, meats and crackers available for purchase with your tasting.
– The majority of places close around 6pm (wineries and shops in town). If there’s somewhere you really would like to check out, research ahead of time.
– Looking for a B&B – see where I stayed on a previous visit.

Beer & Batman

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a little fun and just let loose. This past weekend, a few of us braved the crazy Texas weather (because believe it or not all it does is rain here) and attended the Untapped Festival in Fort Worth.


With lots of great breweries in attendance from around the country, we were in for a treat! Two stages with live music, the festival moved to the parking lot so we wouldn’t sink in a wet field and surrounded by other beer lovers, we were loving it! Then my priorities changed, I saw Batman and knew I had to get a picture.

Untapped FW 7729

I figured if Batman could show his muscles, I could too!

And then we met the crazier (aka scarier) portion and I wanted no part…

Untapped FW 7736

We seriously had such a great time. If you’ve never attended this event, you should be prepared for great beer and lots of it! The lines were not bad, if existent at all (maybe that was due to the weather), breweries had a wide selection and special tastings. With events happening in numerous locations, take a little trip and try a tasting.

Untapped FW 7737

Later in the evening, the storms started creeping in again and so we relocated to The Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth (another perfect microbrew masterpiece). This was the prize of the evening. Couldn’t think of ending the day with a better selection.

Untapped FW 7742Until next time!

Have you attended Untapped (or let’s be serious – seen Batman?!)?

Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival, Fort Worth Texas, Fort Worth Food Trucks

FWFWF: Family Sunday Funday

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post however I did receive tickets to the event in return for the publication. As always, all opinions are my own. #FWFWF #FamilySundayFunday #FortWorthTX

The family event of the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival weekend is also the food truck lovers paradise. With plenty of space at the Coyote Drive-In location, the most unique mobile vendors congregated in one location to provide us all with a wide-array of options. From chuck-wagons, wings, cooking with the Southern flair, Tex-Mex influence and of course ice cream there was something for everyone. Options for adults, children and families there was definitely something for all ages.

FamilySundayFunday 0859 FamilySundayFunday 0869 FamilySundayFunday 0877

Upon arriving at the Family Sunday Funday, we were greeted by chuck wagons, multiple food trucks, a covered patio area and sweet tunes playing. Families of all ages were enjoying various treats, cool beer and water and playing in the free area provided. It was a little warm so the covered area and chairs were the sweet spot to be found but what a great day to get outside and enjoy a little taste of Fort Worth!

FamilySundayFunday 0882 FamilySundayFunday 0887

Our personal tasty favorites included an ice cream cookie sandwich from Central Market, a Root Beer float from Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream and these goodies…

We needed a bigger bowl…

A Taste of Louisiana

A Taste of Louisiana

Fried Chicken Biscuit with Honey Mayo (The Honey Mayo was incredible!)

Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival, Family Sunday Funday

Bite My Biscuit

Tail Feathers Wing Wagon

Tail Feathers Wing Wagon

Looking for a Bucket List this summer and love Food Trucks? Here’s a bucket list for the food trucks at this years Family Sunday Funday! Make it an adventure! Link to Fort Worth Food Truck Bucket List

A full recap of our experience at the Fort Wort Food and Wine Festival as well as links to the other events can be found, here.