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River Legacy Park

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

Spending time outside is my ultimate escape from the busyness of the everyday world. It’s a huge part of my life and some days I can’t get enough. Whether it’s running, hiking or biking, one of my favorite locations in the DFW area is River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas.

Took a break and went for a hike today. The weather couldn’t have been better! #LiveLifeOutside

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This past weekend, I took a little break from all the things that need to be done for a little me time. I hit the dirt and went for a little hike. The weather was perfect, the sounds of the trees and animals relaxing and it was just what this country girl needed.

River Legacy encompasses every aspect of what one may be looking for in a park. Situated next to the Trinity River and Lake Viridian, River Legacy spans 1,300 acres. The options are endless and there’s something for everyone. Parks, grilling, a playground, athletics, paved and unpaved running trails, mountain biking trails, hiking paths, canoe and kayak launches, an educational center and so much more! That’s just recreation.

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

Nature has so much to do with this. How lucky are we to have an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city life into a place that makes everyone feel as if they’re a thousand miles away from all of that. And you never know what you’ll see. Birds, armadillo’s, snakes, I’ve even seen a couple bobcats sunbathing. (Visit my Instagram page for some pictures of creatures I’ve seen along the way.)

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

The people are friendly, the trails are lengthy and you get options of whether you want to hit the paved trail or get off the grid a little bit more and hit the dirt! If anything, it seems as if there’s something new to check out or see on each trip.

River Legacy, Arlington, Texas, DFW Hiking, DFW Parks

Have you been to River Legacy? Where’s your favorite place to hike in the North Texas?

River Legacy Park / 701 N. Green Oaks Drive, Arlington, TX 76006

July 4th Fun

The July 4th weekend has to be one of my favorites! Anytime to take off work, focus on time with loved ones, relaxation and being thankful for our freedom is what life is all about! Although, I didn’t go anywhere or do anything super extravagant this weekend, I still had the opportunity to bask in what Arlington and Fort Worth have to offer! Sometimes we just need to relax in the place that we call home (or in my case, my Texas home).

Thursday: Arlington Texas hosts “Light Up Arlington” at Leavitt Pavillion. There are a ton of activities for children, local vendors and food tents. The real kick is the live music on the pavilion followed by the firework show up above. Grab a chair, bring a cooler and some snacks and be ready to start your relaxing Independence Day weekend. Kicker: Just down the road, the Rangers ballpark also has fireworks! Whether you are watching from your car in the traffic that follows or you’re lucky enough to find a spot to watch both – you’re in for a treat!

Independence Day, Texas, Arlington, Light Up Arlington, Fireworks Independence Day, Texas, Arlington, Light up Arlington, USA

Friday: Whoohooo! Day off from work! The day started early (and hot) with attending the Arlington Independence Day Parade. Get ready – this is a long one! Bring sunscreen and a chair (and if you want to get a good spot, get there early). You will see everything at this parade. High schools, bands, politicians, local organizations, cultural groups, even Elvis’ on motorcycles!
Independence Day, Texas, Arlington, Arlington Idependence Day Parade, Parade, Independence Day, Texas, Arlington, Arlington Idependence Day Parade, Parade, Antique Car Independence Day, Texas, Arlington, Arlington Idependence Day Parade, Parade, Elvis Motorcycle

Friday evening consisted of fireworks in Fort Worth. Talk about a great show but be prepared for a huge crowd. Plan ahead, pick a good spot. This year there were two spots – The Botanical Gardens and Panther Island Pavilion. From where I was, I was able to see both (and forgot my phone). They spaced them about 5-10 minutes apart but were absolutely awesome. Advice – come early and please do not park on the side of the highways (those people are crazy). Find a safe spot!

Saturday: When thinking Fort Worth, I’m pretty sure Oyster Bar isn’t on top of your list but I checked out this little hot spot to start off my evening. As soon as I got out of my car, I could smell seafood – brought back memories of vacations in Maine as a kid. Shrimp salad sandwich – so big that I could barely take a decent bite. The Seafood Gumbo is also a thumbs up!
Independence Day, Texas, J&J Oyster Bar, Fort Worth, Sandwich, Shrimp Salad

As mentioned, we are in Fort Worth, am I right?! Fort Worth is the greatest place to experience live music so it’s only natural that it’s incorporated into the weekend! I swung over to Shipping and Receiving in Southside Fort Worth. With a slight breeze in the air and the sun completely set, the temperature was just about perfect for an outdoor show and Hayes Carll always delivers! The fact that we weren’t packed in like sardines was even better. I’ve come to really enjoy this venue. If you haven’t had the chance, swing on by!
Independence Day, Texas, Fort Worth, Shipping and Receiving, Hayes Carll, Texas Country Independence Day, Texas, Fort Worth, Shipping and Receiving, Hayes Carll, Texas CountryHow was everyone’s weekend? I’d love to hear about your travels, stay-cations, food, live music experiences!

Campo Verde, Arlington, TX

So, there’s a little Mexican restaurant over in Arlington, Texas that is known more for it’s decor during the holiday season than anything else. Have you heard of Campo Verde? I’ve been here before but never during Christmas and when I walked in, I couldn’t believe my eyes and seriously needed some shades!
The only things that weren’t decorated were the little Mexican guys on top of the building outside. Couldn’t believe they left them out!

I was having a lot of fun with these lights inside. How can you not?!

If you have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, keep this place in mind next year. It helped me out a little bit. If for nothing else, go grab a margarita. They were delicious!