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Relax, Rewind and Breathe

Texas is a lot of things. Dallas is the hustle and bustle which I refer to as the “New York City of Texas”. Austin is the college town where everyone wears burnt orange (Hook ’em!). Fort Worth is the laid-back, kick-back big-small town where jeans and boots are more than acceptable. It’s more about personalities and friendliness than appearance. Small town Texas is small town, sometimes the middle of nowhere. Abandoned buildings are sometimes familiar, old town squares, community and rustic charm is evident. Texas is many things but it’s not Vermont for this Vermonter and sometimes I just miss those dairy farms, country roads and everything being familiar. (As you can see, I’m approaching needing a serious trip back home soon.)

Texas does have a certain charm about it and along my travels find things that bring me back. Whether it be that country road, finding old milk cans, sap buckets or even seeing a tractor in a field and nothing is better than white-face Herefords. I have a special place in my heart for those cows. One of my favorite places has to be a friends ranch because it takes away all that wallpaper, glitz and glam of the world and brings you to what it’s suppose to be.

Beauty. Peacefulness. Nature. Fresh air.

For New Years weekend, we spent some time out on his families property where I shared some photos of some of the magnificent animals that we saw (that we don’t even see in Vermont). In this post, I wanted to share some of the items that remind me a little bit of my home state and some of my favorite things, including those great white-face Herefords.

The-Ranch_1987a The-Ranch_1967a The-Ranch_1965a The-Ranch_1974a The-Ranch_1968b

When you think of home, what comes to mind first? 

#ranch #texas #travelTexas #HillCountry #dirtroad

New Years at The Ranch

Last August, I may have found one of my top three favorite places in Texas. This ranch in the middle of the Hill Country is amazing. Beautiful, relaxing, peaceful. It’s my perfect getaway. I have way too many photographs to share in one post so I’ll start off with some of my favorites.

Cows. I have a soft spot for these herefords.



There’s also these African animals. Wildebeests, kudu, oryx… amazing.

The wildebeests and the cows, well it turns out they’re friends. They were hanging out peacefully. (I’m still trying to figure out if I should or shouldn’t be surprised by this.) Wildebeests are pack animals. Turns out you can be exiled from the group. We saw a solo wildebeest who was out on his lonesome.

The kudu (the animal with the twisty horns below) were terrified of us. It was hard to grab a photo of them up close. Maybe next time.

Its so amazing to see these animals roaming around. I’m pretty certain this was a day in paradise to photograph and watch.

The-Ranch_1949a The-Ranch_1954a The-Ranch_1963a The-Ranch_2003a The-Ranch_2005a

Then there were the turkeys simply taking a stroll.


Now I’m really excited – the elk! (I’ve saved the best for last.) This past summer, I saw one or two elk from afar hanging out in a lake. This visit, I was in for an incredible surprise. Our tickets were front row and center. First off, there was no fence between us and elk. And they are so beautiful. We had stopped to take some photos of the African game and the elk followed us over. They were ready for their photo-opp and to photobomb. How many can say they’ve been photobombed (or taken selfies) with a herd of elk? I’m fairly certain that we could’ve just grabbed some chairs, opened a cooler and sat and watched them all afternoon.



The-Ranch_2021b The-Ranch_2017a The-Ranch_2031a

I couldn’t have thought of a better place to be at the start of the new year. The perfect company, beautiful scenery and the best place to enjoy the outdoors.

Cheers for an amazing 2016 to you and yours!

Roughing it on Lake Austin

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up with a few friends (and some new friends) down on Lake Austin. It was a weekend of boating, camping and lots of fun!

Lake-Austin, Camping, Texas, Texas-Lakes, Boating

We stayed at Emma Long Metropolitan Park. First off, driving to the park is an adventure in itself. You’ll be driving along the top of the hills overlooking Lake Austin. Gorgeous, huge, huge homes, that you’ll later be gawking at from the lake! Be careful, the road is only two lanes and very windy.

Lake-Austin, Camping, Texas, Texas-Lakes, Boating

One site is between the white posts. To get a grasp of the length – it’s about double the lawn space to the road.

What a bargain! $10 goes a long way! It will get you a day pass for an entire car load into the park and it will also get you a camping site for an evening. This isn’t your typical camping site, they’re huge. We fit three tents and could’ve fit three more. There was a grill, campfire spot and shade from a huge tree all within walking distance to the restrooms / showers. The only catch is the restrooms are only open from about 8am to 9:30pm, otherwise you have to use the big blue port-o-potties we all love so much!

Lake-Austin, Camping, Texas, Texas-Lakes, Boating

Nothing says a great weekend like a ridiculous group selfie. If only cell phones had timers or we had longer arms!

The overall park was great! Sandy beaches, plenty of room, parking for your boats, lots of trees and places to grill. There’s also a camping area for RV’s, if tents are not for you! The area available is great!

 For more information and details on what Emma Long Metropolitan Park has to offer:
Emma Long Metropolitan Park
1706 City Park Rd, Austin, TX 78730