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Wide Open Spaces, Part II

As previously mentioned, a recent trip to Oklahoma left me in awe of the beauty of the country. Not that I didn’t already realize this but there’s something completely different in the South as opposed to the North. It leaves me in a peaceful state that the world can seem so busy and hectic but then find yourself in a completely tranquil and beautiful surrounding.

As I left The Pink Pistol, perused around town and left to go home, the sun was beginning to set. On my way back towards Texas, I was surrounded by rolling prairies and silhouettes. The best one was of a cowboy walking across a field at the top of a hill (compared to where the road was) and all I could see was the outline of him, his hat and the beautiful sky behind him. If only, I could’ve stopped and grabbed some of these moments. Here are a few that I was able to capture.

Notice the windmill in the middle of the trees. This may be my favorite photo. I wish you could’ve seen this sunset. Ah!

Oklahoma, sunset, silhouette, windmill, countryHitting the road…

Texas, Oklahoma, ranching, farming Texas, Oklahoma, ranching, farming Texas, Oklahoma, ranching, farmingThis was at a crossroads. After a while I forgot where the Texas / Oklahoma border was so I’m not exactly sure where this was except off Highway 377. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields, lies this little ole truck stop.Truck Stop, Oklahoma, Texas, Highway 377Welcome to Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Home to Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. This town seems so peaceful. I love these small towns! Old style Main Streets, art work on painted brick. Character – something that’s lost in the big cities. Tishomingo, Oklahoma, buildings, paintingTishomingo, Oklahoma, downtown, sunsetAfter I finished shopping at the Pink Pistol, I took some time to drive around and check out the “sights”. Mostly because I absolutely love these little towns and all the hidden gems in them. A few sights I found along the way… Texas, Oklahoma, ranching, farming, barns Ten Point Ranch, Ranch, Oklahoma Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma, SunsetI mean – look at that view. Talk about wanting to park your car and take a break from the world. Too bad I had a drive home ahead of me.

Hope you enjoyed these! Have you gone on a drive recently? I’d love to see or hear a glimpse on something you’ve seen!

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Wide Open Spaces, Part I

Recently, I went on a day trip across North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Sometimes, what we really need is a drive to appreciate the things that surround us everyday yet we may not notice. It’s the things that this country was founded upon, the earth that so many have worked on to help make this place the place that it is. Although, I live in what I call “the big city” now, it’s so refreshing to venture out into the wide open spaces and just take a breath of fresh air. It’s what those Dixie Chicks sang about not so long ago… Here’s a little glimpse (at Part I)…

Wide Open Spaces I 061Wide Open Spaces I 059Call me crazy but I had to pull over to grab some of the following shots and I’m really glad I did. When I took the lower photo, the chains or hoses (?) were ever so slightly making noise in the light breeze.Wide Open Spaces I 058 Wide Open Spaces I 057Peanuts anyone?

Wide Open Spaces I 074Wide Open Spaces I 070I wish I could’ve pulled over to grab a better photo of these horses. This isn’t even a portion of them. Hundreds and hundreds of horses. It was amazing!

Wide Open Spaces I 060A littler earlier, in Texas off highway 377… if you look closely that sign most definitely says “Booze”. Just makes you want to pull right in, doesn’t it?!

Wide Open Spaces I 025 (2) And a little later, still off highway 377 this place was asking you to pull right in… even though I’m still not exactly sure what it was…Wide Open Spaces I 049 (2)And somewhere in between…

Wide Open Spaces I 013By the way – can someone please explain to me what’s up with these trees? Bottom halves of trees in river. This is probably a “she’s definitely from the North” comment but help me out!

Wide Open Spaces I 050 (2) Come back next week for a few more pictures from the trip including the town of Tishomingo and Oklahoma sunsets. These may be some of the best I’ve seen!

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The Pink Pistol

Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Home to Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert but also home to Miranda’s store – The Pink Pistol. A boutique that has caught quite the attention in this tiny town. As we all know I love random drives that bring me across the scenic countryside. What better than to head north to Oklahoma and kill two birds with one stone?!

Pink Pistol 078Upon entering the store, you’ll see a lot! Get ready! First off, you’ll have time for a photo opportunity. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this seems appropriate.

Pink Pistol 039If that’s not enough – there’s also this “Queen’s” chair. That’s what I’ll call it anyway. It’s pretty awesome. Yes, I totally took a picture of myself in the chair. Hey – I took this drive solo folks! Grab the moment, even if you look a little ridiculous while doing it!

Pink PistolMiranda related items of course. Mainly, shirts, mugs, wine glasses, coffee and even Blake has a spot against the back wall with BBQ related items and shot glasses. Other random items and art work were also available.

Pink Pistol 3I found a lot of the items in the shop were little trinkets and random items. The best way I can describe it is items that you would find at Urban Outfitters. This turkey timer was pretty rad.

Pink Pistol 2Lastly, this little boutique also serves as a soda shop. If shopping got you a little hungry or thirsty (or you are waiting for your signifcant other to finish perusing), have a seat and grab a sundae or Miranda’s special drink (cherry and vanilla syrup in carbonated water) – it’s pretty delicious!

Pink Pistol 1All in all, it was an interesting little shop. I thought it would be more “Miranda” oriented than it was and it was a little pricey but still something to check out once.

For a glimpse into The Pink Pistol in Miranda Lambert’s hometown of Lindale, Texas, swing over to Mason’s Mama and see her experience!

Be sure to come back on Wednesday to see some of the sights I saw along the way!

Have you had a chance to check out Miranda’s store in Tishomingo?