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Rangers vs. Twins 2012-07-08

Last night I went to the Texas Rangers vs the Minnesota Twins baseball game. The game was going well, we had good seats (second deck, second row on 1st base line). Pretty soon the winds start to pick up, garbage started flying, the temperature drops down to 79 degrees and the announcer comes on saying that everyone on the third deck can move to the lower decks if they would like (because of the winds). I’m going to say this was more of an advisory than a suggestion. Soon enough we see a strike of lightening behind left field, outside the stadium. No big deal. Then IT came. The loudest thunder I may have ever heard with a lightening strike hitting the same time. Everyone jumped. The little boy across the aisle from us called it quits and started up the stairs crying his eyes out (poor little guy). It was crazy! Seriously, I thought the place was going to start crumbling into pieces. It didn’t even occur to me what the players were doing until I got a call from Sy asking if we were alright. When I got home, I got to see the video of the players reactions. My favorite – 1st base coach.
You can check out the video from ESPN, here. Keep in mind, it was SO much louder than the video.
Here is also the article on Yahoo today with some quotes from the players.
About five minutes after the scare of our lives, it down poured for 10 minutes then the game continued on. It continued on for 13 innings until the Rangers finally pulled it together and won it for all of their fans!
 I love this stadium!
 I guess we can tell who the rookies are!
 This little guy was 5 years old. Not only did he get to go out into the field, he met with the captains, umpires and even had a little talk with Mr. Napoli!
Rolling up the tarp to get the game back on – for the fans who didn’t run out of the stadium.
Dana, this one’s for you…
My man – Ron Washington – doing his thing! I go to the games to watch this guy – seriously, he is my favorite! Now, I just need to get his jersey!  
Thank you Kinsler for FINALLY ending the game!
13 innings on a Sunday night, it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to go to work in the morning!
Go Rangers!