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Diana and Heather’s Awesome Adventure

(Writer’s Note: When better to write a post than when you’ve reached the “crash and burn” feeling after a long, eventful and absolutely amazing weekend… here we go.)
Earlier today, Heather and I returned home from attending BlogHer ’13 in Chicago. Returned, is the choice word because I think I speak for both of us when I say, it feels like we hit the Twilight Zone earlier. Let’s have a recap of the day.
BlogHer is amazing but let’s all face the facts… when it’s time to go, the swag takes up a lot of room. Our morning thoughts pretty much consisted of “I’m amazed this all fit in our bags!” and “This better be under 50 lbs.”
We dragged our bags out of the hotel (so thankful for wheels – best invention EVER) and grabbed a cab. Cab driver delivers girls, four suitcases, two large duffel bags and a purse to the train.
Yes, we did the cab to train route.
Here, we came across realization
#1: We appreciate Southern gentlemen and they don’t exist in Chicago.
It only took the 6th out of 7th high school young man to hold the train door for us while we and the small pharmacy in our bags (among other things) moved onto the train. (Props to you young man… you’ll be winning over the ladies later on.) Had we been in the South, this would’ve been done by the first (or second) man we ran into.
See you later Chicago! We will miss you.
Heather and Diana meet Midway Airport. (below)
This was just the line to have our ID’s and tickets checked.
It went by quicker than expected.
I can’t say the same about the security line…
We left the hotel three hours before our flight – and made it to flight while boarding.
We were the last two on the plane.

Our flight had a layover in Wichita, Kansas.
“Cool, we’ve never been to Kansas!”
We’re not going back to the Wichita Airport. (by choice)

We both fell asleep on route to our layover destination.
This is when I believe, we fell into the Twilight Zone.
Low and behold, I seriously thought I was going to see Michael J Fox or MC Hammer inspired outfits just start walking thru the airport.
Nervous? Very.
We saw the sign and this was said…
“Wichita is the ‘Air Capital of the World’ because no one wants to be ON THE GROUND.”
The Wichita airport is tiny.
There’s not a lot to eat.
We had to leave security to eat at Burger King.
Yes, we literally had to leave the secure area.
When we went back thru security, no line.
The carpet was from 1979 (if not earlier… probably earlier).
(Writer’s Note: We were told they are building a new airport and it should be opened next year. We’re cheering for a Auntie Annie’s Pretzels.)
 Our layover was 2.5 hours. Obviously too long when mixed with exhaustion.
Finally, we board our second flight headed to the big D.
One hour flight and we land.
I check into Four Square and I’m not even kidding… this happens.
(Well, close to it.)
Realization #3: There’s no place like home (even if it happens to be Love field).
Think we were happy?
Big hats, big belt buckles, big hair, tight jeans, boots and too much makeup means we’re back in Texas y’all! (And the airport décor also proves we’re back in 2013!)
Almost home…
We had to leave the airport.
We parked in airport parking which meant we needed to take a bus to get to the car.
Realization #4: Remember that issue with lacking Southern gentlemen in Chicago? Well, we have just the opposite problem in the South… Southern women. (Writer’s Note: Not all Southern women but be honest… you know which one’s I’m taking about.)
To the Southern men… Northern women is where it’s at!
The only thing that stood between us and getting on the bus was this Southern lady.
She tried to cut in front of us to get on the bus not once, but TWICE. The only reason it took TWO times was because the bus was full the first go around.
The bus actually went to her car first and I wish I was kidding when I say this happened…
The bus stops next to her car and opens the bus door.
She stands and as she is walking off the bus points her finger with the upmost arrogance towards the bags and says “The purple bag and the pink bag” and off she goes.
As they say in the South, “Bless her heart.”
We made it to our car. So did all our luggage.

Even the Minion came out of the bag and was happy to be home and in the car.

We’ve never been so happy to see you Dallas!

Stay tuned for the rest of the recap from the last few days. It was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to share it with y’all!

G’night and we’re glad to be home in Texas!