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USA vs. Canada Women’s Soccer

A couple years ago, I attended my first women’s soccer game. Talk about awesome! I loved it. I didn’t so much love the fact that it was beyond freezing cold but the game was incredible. Upbeat, competitive and exciting.

The USA Women’s National Team came back to the area on January 31st and lucky me, I got to attend. A little warmer this time around, it was still fun to go to the game. This game was sold out and had the highest attendance in 10 years! The only problem was… who do I cheer for? Canada or the US?! (My friends here said the US, considering where I live….) Here are a few shots from the big night!

USA v. Canada '14 - 003 USA v. Canada '14 - 011 USA v. Canada '14 - 020 USA v. Canada '14 - 027 USA v. Canada '14 - 029 USA v. Canada '14 - 032 USA v. Canada '14 - 040 USA v. Canada '14 - 062Have you been to any sporting events lately? Any favorites?

Go! Habs! Go!

One of the best ways I started off 2014 was to attend a hockey game. This wasn’t just any hockey game but seeing my favorite two teams play each other – the Montreal Canadians vs. the Dallas Stars. Who did I root for? My all around favorite of course, the Habs!

Granted, I have come to love the Dallas Stars but when the Habs come to town, I’m 100% Habs! This is a pretty special game as it only happens once every other year. The two teams typically rotate locations to play once a season.

Habs vs. Stars 01/02/2014I attended the game with one of my friends who lives in the area that I actually grew up with. Little did I know when I showed up at his house that he was going to cheer for the Stars. I should’ve known, this was going to get interesting.

Habs vs. Stars 01/02/2014 Habs vs. Stars 01/02/2014Hockey games just get getter with good fights. It may be my favorite part. This game, had two plus a penalty shot. The game was aggressive, high scoring and intense. Habs vs. Stars 01/02/2014

In the video you can hear a guy yelling “Let’s go Stars”. This guy had to be the most annoying fan. I say this not because he was cheering for the Stars but because he couldn’t take it both ways. Directly behind us, we had a group from Ottawa cheering for the Habs (yes, I was very happy I was surrounded by Habs fans). Said Stars fan started giving Habs fan a hard time, Habs fans came back twice as hard in a joking, playful manner and he just got serious and pissed. What fun is that?!

As I was saying… look at these awesome fans! I see red!

Habs vs. Stars 01/02/2014Great company and love some Habs! Love it even more when they come and win! Can’t wait until the next hockey game!! What a great game!


Jamey Johnson & My Confession

A week ago, I headed out to see one of my favorite songwriters perform. Jamey Johnson. He is amazing! If you haven’t heard him sing some of his songs, I’m most certain you’ve heard some that he’s written.

Give It Away – George Strait
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk – Trace Adkins
Ladies Love Country Boys – Trace Adkins

I knew the show was going to be amazing but I didn’t realize how amazing! Over three hours worth of amazing! Definitely getting your money’s worth! It seemed like he sang all of his songs even though I know there’s a vault load that he didn’t sing. He also sang the Dixie Chicks / Bruce Robinson hit, ‘Travelin’ Soldier’ and his father and daughter came out and sang ‘In Color’ with him. That was the highlight for me. Talk about a special moment!

(Incredibly blurry pic of Jamey Johnson and his dad leaving the stage after the show.)

Later during the evening, I found myself near the back of the stage. Where I was still in the general admission area however I could see the stage from the side and the backstage door was only about 8 feet away. That’s right, 8 feet. This is where the confession comes in. Celebrities / famous people.
1. I’m not very good at picking them out of a crowd.
2. When I do, I am convincing myself that it’s not really them.
3. I cannot EVER bring myself to ask them for a picture or even talk to them.
Does this happen to anyone else?!

Case in point, the Jamey Johnson concert. Here I am, standing around, enjoying the show. Who walks out the backstage door? Marty Turco. For those who don’t know, Marty Turco was a goalie for the Dallas Stars and is AMAZING!

I knew who he was right off. (Amazingly enough.) I also started saying “That can’t be him!” Then he walks back thru the backstage door. Gone – in a flash! I lean over to the guy next to me and say, “Who was that?”.
He responds “Marty Turco”. I say, “I thought so.” I then turn back to my friend and say “Crap. That was him!”

I proceeded to stare down the door, because that was going to make him come back, haha! Deep down, I knew there were other Stars players back there! A little while later, I different man walks out and then stands facing the stage. He’s standing there for a while, by himself. I knew he was with Turco.
About ten minutes go by, out comes Marty Turco and another hockey player. Before I can stop myself I say “MARTY TURCO!”. We make eye contact. I think he was stunned that some girl knew who he was at a Jamey Johnson concert (of all places). I mean, another guy was there and he was surprised that I knew who Marty Turco was. But that’s all I could get out “Marty Turco!”. I couldn’t say “Can I have your picture?!”, “You are awesome!”, “I saw you at the game last Thursday!”. Nothing.

So here I was, starring at Jamie Langenbrunner, Marty Turco and Brett Hull. Hockey greats and it was like I had a sock in my mouth.

Does anyone else have a problem?! It’s happened to me before. I realize they are people just like you and I however I feel like this must happen to them a lot, so why not just let them enjoy the show like everyone else…. no?