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Jenkin’s Family Crawfish Boil 2014

Crawfish Boil 089Just down the highway in Kennedale, Texas lies a not so little venue that seems to be getting a little bit more attention these days (and well deserved) – Red’s Roadhouse. This place is massive and a great little spot for some good eatin’, Texas country and getting together with good folks.

Crawfish Boil 160This past Sunday, the First Annual Jenkin’s Family Crawfish Boil took place followed up with The Ranch’s Red Dirt Road radio show. For $20 come in for some all you can eat crawfish, $5 if you were in it just for the tunes and surroundings. I settled in for both and it was well worth it.

Put on your stretchy pants and settle in for some good eatin’! These little fellers were mighty tasty with just the right amount of spice. I left after being there for five and a half hours (I didn’t eat the entire time) and asked how man pounds they had cooked so far – 4,000 was the guess. Golly! Not gonna lie, I had five trays. You only see three because, well, your hands get dirty! They’re delicious! Tis the season! Mudbug Season!

CrawfishBoil'14From noon until three, two rounds of four musicians took turns on the stage at a time. Some of Texas’ finest. The spring is in the air which means get ready, there’s going to be shows at every corner!

Round One:

Crawfish Boil 077Round Two:

Crawfish Boil 085At 3pm, Red Dirt Roads started up their live radio show hosted by Justin Frazell. Kolton Moore – was my favorite on this line up!

Crawfish Boil 162This is a great family event where you can spend the day listening to incredible artists, comfortable atmosphere, delicious food and a place where everyone can dance all day (including the kids). Mark it on your calendar for next year, it’s something that you don’t want to miss!

In honor of Texas Tuesday, a little quiz… do you recognize any of these musicians? Any favorites?

Grady Spencer & The Work

Coming across a new band is really exciting to me. Not always, sometimes they’re a little “eh” but when you come across one that immediately grabs your attention and you’re like “heck yea!” – it’s pretty rad. That’s how I feel about Grady Spencer and The Work!

The first time I heard him, he opened for John Fullbright. Attention grabbed! Then I did what I naturally do, find his schedule. I had to wait about two months but worth the wait. If anyone out there enjoys some live music.. this is your man. Whether it be live or just buying his album (both of which you should do regardless), it’s highly recommended! There’s a little country, mixed in with some rock and some bluesy funk. Let’s face it – I’m horrible at describing music. To me, it’s either great or it’s not and quite frankly, I have some good taste so just take my word for it! These guys are phenomenal!

First show (yes, there’s more than one). Magnolia Motor Lounge. Love this venue. Great evening. A twosome was first up, with an accordion. That won my heart. Then Mr. Spencer & The Work followed by a little Adam Hood. Take note, he met his bass player on Craigslist and just met the keyboardist that night. You’d never know!


Music, Texas, Magnolia Motor Lounge, Fort Worth

Second show – benefit show at Shipping and Receiving. Outdoors, pretty good weather. It’s the start of a good spring show list!

Music, Texas, Shipping and Receiving, Fort WorthMusic, Texas, Shipping and Receiving, Fort WorthKeep an eye on their schedule and this group as I have a feeling this is their year. I wouldn’t steer you wrong! Plus, if you have a chance, go up to the man and say hello. He’s the one with the wicked mustache and is extremely friendly and once you do, I’d love to hear how much you loved his show (because you will)!