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You Can Do Anything!

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Time for some honesty – sometimes I psych myself out or try to convince myself out of things because accomplishing something seems so, oh I don’t know, accomplishing. Sounds messed up doesn’t it? Well, it is. It’s like being scared of succeeding. It’s not the fact that I don’t think I can do it, I know I can.

Well –  that theory has gone right out the window. See ya later!

I have a love for the outdoors. For mountains, bodies of water, sunlight, moonlight and fresh air. I have a vision of standing at the highest peaks with my arms stretched out as far as they can go and basking on the beauty of the Earth. There’s no greater view than on top of a mountain. I want to stand in the center of dirt roads in the middle of nowhere and be swallowed in the sound and pureness of my surroundings. I want to encourage others to live life outside, to put yourself out there, to experience everything that the world has to offer because something different will come everyday when you do. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter if you do it all with a friend or solo. Don’t miss out!

Would you rather be the one looking out the window watching people play or being the one out there playing?

All of those things are powerful and can change your life but you can’t change someone else’s life until you do all of those things yourself. My giant hump is getting out of my comfort zone. Knowing that I can do things on a solo trip, no matter how crazy it may seem, whether I have a friend by my side or if I’m doing it by myself.

OktoberfestFW 0006

This past weekend, I participated in Fort Worth’s Oktoberfest activities, aka a 5k followed by a 15 mile bike ride with German beer as my prize. Go big or go home, right? Why I had the desire to do this, I have no idea. The love of the outdoors? My ambition for someday participating in a mini-triathlon? A challenge? Being around like-minded people? Who knows really but I signed up a day before the event.

Did I try to talk myself out of it? Sure did.
Did I succeed? Yes, I succeeded the 5k run and 15 mile ride!

OktoberfestFW 007

I asked a few friends (and tried to convince with beer) to partake with me. I didn’t have any takers. I did it anyway. I ran (let’s be honest, I didn’t run the entire thing) the 5k. I took a short break and then headed out on my 15 mile ride, in the blazing sun. It shouldn’t be this hot anywhere at the end of September. I met about eight hills to go up (I peddled and only went down about two (who designed this course?!). I encouraged myself. I envisioned myself completing the challenge and I wasn’t at all upset that I was doing it solo, because, for once, this was for me.

OktoberfestFW 0008

It’s sometimes hard to get out of a zone. It’s sometimes hard to do things for yourself. Sure, it’s always more fun when there’s people doing things with you. I’m a huge advocate of the more the merrier! Doing this event myself was just a beginning. It was a push in the direction of what I want my life, both professionally and personally. A drive, a challenge, fresh air and well being.

If I can do this without training, imagine the possibilities if I pushed myself just a little bit more. Sometimes, the push we really need is within! Here’s to 30!

I’ve Created A List…

Today marks a month since I’ve turned 30. In the past, I’ve typically done lists of items to accomplish by my next birthday but the last couple years, I’ve focused primarily on me and becoming more of the person I want to be. Although that’s a challenge in and among itself, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love achieving other goals and that’s what this list is all about.

I have a few items that I want to challenge myself to. More or less shorter term goals that will be stepping stones into leading me to where I’m meant to go and letting go of fears. Being scared often times holds us back in life, things from the past where we can’t quite let go but why should we sometimes – they’ve got us to where we are today, right? It’s how to use them to our benefit and lead us to a better place, right?

I heard this quote the other day and it’s been on my mind ever since…

“The light can only shine thru broken vessels.”

  • Take a couple classes that are challenging to conquer a fear. I’m terrified of heights but love being outside. The more I looked into this, the more I thought I could do it and maybe actually enjoy it. – Rock climbing
  • Splurge a little. Buy something that I’ve wanted but isn’t necessarily a need but a want. Something that I will enjoy. Will it be a new pair of boots? A kayak? A puppy? Probably not a puppy considering I live in an apartment but maybe someday. I’ll work on this one.
  • Plan ahead and make homemade Christmas gifts.
  • Start that Etsy store.
  • Leave the bubble. I have this comfort bubble that I hate to leave. We’re going to pop it, at least for a little bit. Maybe an hour, maybe a day. Small steps.
  • Try to find my career. I want a job that is rewarding, challenging and where I would feel as if my contributions really matter.

What would you put on your list?

The Start of Something New

22 was awesome. 23 was even better. Somewhere in there I made it to 28 and that’s even come to an end but I’m very happy about it. Sure there’s been some pretty memorable and awesome moments, incredible opportunities but there’s also been a lot of, we will call them “growing moments”. I shouldn’t complain, I know people are and went thru things that are far worse than anything I’ve gone thru and I shouldn’t complain but I’ve never been so ready to “end a year”.

29 is a new start for me on so many, many levels. It’s funny how in the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about “29 Things To Do While I’m 29”, similar to what I did for “28” (I’ll do a recap of that at some point) but I’m going to do something a little different for this year.

There’s only going to be one item on my list….

Quit giving such a damn about what other people think. I live everyday trying not to let other people down, when at the end of the day, it’s me that feels let down. In retrospect, I’ve put others before myself more than necessary and end up completely disregarding what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not turning selfish, I still care about what other people think/feel, but it’s time to put me into the consideration. We’re going to swap this sucker around. If you don’t like it, well you can deal with it.

So, as a reminder on this last year in my 20’s, here is a letter to me.


You have always been a person who grabs every opportunity and tries to enjoy it as much as possible. You try to fill everyone’s expectations, make sure everyone is involved and accommodate everyone. It’s not a bad thing to put others before yourself, frankly, it’s a quality that seems to be fading but be sure to make this last year count as a year for you. Too many years of your “20’s” have been geared towards others. This year, I wish for you…

* Enjoy your moments in the moment. Don’t start thinking or worrying about what’s next before the agenda on the plate is done. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Savor life!

* Know you are deserving, important, beautiful, smart, loyal, entertaining and a friend that everyone should want to and be glad to have. You are always up for anything, literally anything whether it’s watching a movie and staying in, going to a show on a Sunday night, doing something sporadic and unusual or going on a random trip a couple hours away. It’s pretty awesome.

* Quit worrying. God has a plan for you, trust it, live it, go with it.

* (I know I don’t have to remind you of this but…) You are surrounded by some of the most amazing people. Family, friends that you’ve had since kindergarten, friends from college, “Texas” friends, blogging friends and you consider them all like family. You embrace people and they embrace you. No matter where you are, where they are, they’re only a call away. They are there for you no matter what and love you. Your friends accumulate – there’s a reason for that. 😉

* Do something for you. The life you are living is not for anyone but yourself. As Elaine said in college, “At the end of the day the only person you can count on is yourself.” Take hold of this last year in your 20’s and make it a starting year for something so great that you will have no idea how it ever got to that / this point. Grab opportunities, give yourself a challenge, know you are more deserving than you think you are (quit cutting yourself short), know that people should be fighting for you and not the other way around. Take a trip for yourself. Surround yourself with the “good” people. Stand up for yourself, others and the things you believe in. Step outside your comfort zone. For once, just wing it. Go with it. Life doesn’t have to have a plan, it already has a plan for you. 

Lastly, the horoscope from Seven Days for this week says “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Come on – if that doesn’t state the obvious, start reading this letter again.

With Love – A Small Reminder to Yourself