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9 Reasons to Travel to Dripping Springs, Texas

There’s been a lot of buzz around Dripping Springs, Texas lately. Situated just outside of Austin, it really hones in on the Hill Country’s rustic feel just outside the big city. When visiting, these are the top activities that should be on any list when visiting Dripping Springs

  1. Stay
    When in town, go authentic. It’s time to embrace what makes Dripping Springs, Dripping Springs. Cottages, inns, B&B’s, take a pick! There’s so many to choose from but stay in a place which brings character. It’ll add a little pizazze to your story!
    Dripping Springs, Liney Moon, Cottage, Texas, Travel Texas, Accomodations(Above, The Liney Moon)
  2. Eat
    There’s so many great places to eat, the real question is where to begin? The Pizza Cave (below), Rolling in Thyme & Dough or Smoke n’Hops among other local favorites. Come !
  3. Get Outside
    Dripping Springs is the home to the Hamilton Pool reserve. Enjoy the famous Texas swimming hole over scenic limestone including a waterfall to help you cool off after a hike through one of the nearby parks.
  4. Texas Hill Country Olive Oil
    A growing crop, Texas produces olive oil! Stop in for a tour of the grounds and learn how the production of olive oil is growing in Texas. Inside, enjoy olive oil and balsamic vinegar tastings and even pair them with a wine tasting from some of the finest vineyards in Texas.
  5. Explore the Wine Trail
    Did someone say wine?! Dripping Springs is home to vineyards of their own including Solaro Estates Winery and Bell Springs Winery. Looking to stay in town, swing by one of the tasting rooms or wine tours to expand the selection. Need a drive? That’s available too!
  6. Micro Brew Invasion
    Dripping Springs is home to Jester King, Twisted X and Thirsty Planet Brewing Company. Smoke’n Hops and The Barber Shop are the local watering holes to help quench your thirst. Sit back, kick back and relax! Have a cold one!
  7. Distilleries
    The beverages go on and on! Deep Eddy Vodka, Dripping Springs Vodka and Treat Oak Distillery are all in town. Staying in Austin and want to come out for the day? Completely possible with one of the many tours to and from, including the Austin Tour Company which will bring you and your friends to and from downtown Austin to Deep Eddy Vodka for some fun and games.
    Note: All tours at Deep Eddy Vodka must be booked in advance.
  8. Mercer Street
    “Take a step back in time on historic Mercer Street. Home to some of the first businesses in town, you’ll recognize that you’re on Mercer Street well before you see a sign. Historic buildings house the dancehall, perfect for the evening two-step, grab a beer or enjoy some frozen yogurt and ice cream. THere’s a place on Mercer Street for everyone.
  9. Drive
    This is the Hill Country. Explore it, embrace it, take it in. It’s best done behind the wheel with endless destination.
    Dripping Springs TX_0563

What’s your favorite attraction in Dripping Springs? 
What’s on the top of your to do list? 

All Western Parade, Rodeo, Fort Worth, FWSSR, Texas, El Paso Sheriffs Posse

All Western Parade, Fort Worth

#FWSSR #AllWesternParade

All Western Parade 2159

For the past 120 years, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has been held in Fort Worth. On the first Saturday of the festivities, the All Western Parade is held in downtown Fort Worth. This is the biggest western themed and non-motorized parade in the world. In the world folks!

All Western Parade 2110

On Saturday morning, we lined the streets along with other eager (and cold) guests to take part in the parade. This event exemplifies the history, tradition and heritage found in Fort Worth. Known for the Stockyards, this is the event that meets the wild west, cowboys, cowgirls and the history and tradition that has made this city what it is today. This event is free although you can pay for reserved bleacher seats however I would say to grab a couple chairs and find a spot along the parade route. It’s free and there was plenty of space. Be prepared, the parade lasted over an hour and a half.

All Western Parade 2145a

The parade was incredibly unique! First, when have you ever attended a non-motorized parade? I can honestly say this was my first. No vehicles – the means of transportation included riding an animal, be pulled by an animal (via a wagon) or your own two legs. There had to be well over a thousand horses. Participant’s included local organizations and community members, local public service organizations (such as the Fort Worth Police Department), out-of-towners (the El Paso Sheriff’s posse was one of my personal favorites as you’ll see with the pictures) as well as American and Mexican participant’s in traditional garb.

All Western Parade 2129 All Western Parade 2132

With the tradition that is exuberant in Fort Worth, this is one event that you may never find anywhere else. You’ll be entertained, the kids imagination will go wild – it’s definitely enjoyable for everyone involved. Welcome to the Wild West folks! Now, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

All Western Parade 2141a All Western Parade 2120a All Western Parade 2147 All Western Parade 2123 All Western Parade 2158

This town is full of history, yesterday’s and today’s.
What is your favorite part of the Wild, Wild West?

Austin Texas, Univesity of Texas, UT Tower, Hook 'em Horns

Hook ’em Horns – A Personal Tour of UT Austin

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing somewhere new with someone who absolutely loves what (or where) you are about to enjoy. We recently were in Austin for the weekend and during our time in the city, I received a tour from one of UT’s biggest fans and alums.

We started our morning early (to beat the heat if we’re being honest) and began our tour. First thing, we walked by the football stadium and Texas War Memorial just outside the stadium. This memorial is dedicated to all of the American Veterans in all wars.  This memorial is vast, it’s incredible to see all of the names. Honestly, I never knew this was here but what a great tribute at a location where thousands come every year.


Having attended a much, much, much smaller campus, UT’s campus was both a fascination and a confusion. This campus is huge and walking around touring the buildings took us well over an hour. If I had provided a tour of my campus, it would’ve taken maybe, 20 minutes. The best example is the size of classrooms. Although, not all classrooms are this size, my trusty tour guide made sure to bring me into a room that he knew would blow my perspective. This is a large lecture hall. I’m quite certain, my entire college graduating class could’ve fit in this classroom (and I would’ve known the majority of them).


Perhaps the most iconic building on campus is the UT tower. Inside, you will find elaborate details in the ceiling and outside the Life Sciences library with marble floors and stairs. Outside, looking down thru the South Mall, you will find the State Capital building is directly to the south. Surrounded by the “six-pack” (six buildings surrounding the mall), there are various statues of historical leaders including Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson and George Washington. It’s an incredible view on a historical campus. We even got to see a bride and groom greet each other on the tower steps for the first time before their wedding.



Here are a few more photographs from our walking tour…

Austin_7858a Austin_7865 Austin_7868a Austin_1051a

One of the best ways to experience a new place is to experience it with someone who absolutely loves it. You’ll see the best of the best, hear endless stories of their experience and be brought to some locations that only the locals would know about. You won’t just get to see the cover on the book, you’ll really get into the nitty gritty what makes this such a special place.


Have you had an opportunity to experience somewhere new (to you) with someone who absolutely loved where you were at?