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Starting a New Year, Let’s Revisit Some of My Favorites

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a little while since you’ve heard from me. For the past year, I’ve been working on finishing up my MBA and have only a couple more months to go. (Hallelujah!) I think about Down Home Traveler often and have a ton to catch up on including trips to Kansas (I saw Toto), Chicago, Nashville, Maine and Vermont. Last year was exciting!

It’s always wonderful to plan trips at the beginning of the new year, both near and far. To provide a little bit on inspiration, I wanted to share some of my favorites and hopefully inspire and hear some about some of your upcoming trips!
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Take a Hike: I have to be the only one having a backwards seasonal depression – I’m missing the white powdery snow. It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy what there is to offer. Take a hike or go skiing/snowboarding if you’re a little north of Texas or get on your bike or put your hiking boots (or rubber boots as of late).
[Note: If cold weather isn’t for you, I’ve got that covered too. Vermont is great for hiking, fishing, canoeing and an all around exploration of what we love best – the outdoors.
Texas – we went to Knobb Hill Mountain Bike Trails in Roanoke a couple weekends ago and it’s definitely worth the trip!}

Fredericksburg, Texas, VisitFredTX, Wine Trail, Hill Country, Fredericksburg To Do, Becker Vineyards

Fredericksburg, Texas. In Texas and needing a break? Plan a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas. Wine, distilleries, food, hiking, wonderful people and comfort in wonderful B&B’s and Inns all around town. This is truly a unique and affordable getaway for anyone.
Alternative: Dripping Springs, Texas. A short drive outside of Austin, Dripping Springs is flourishing with unique lodging locations, distilleries, wine and production of olive oil.


While you’re in Fredericksburg, I HIGHLY recommend Lost Draw Cellars. Their wine is fantastic but this is more than wine tasting, it’s a piece of Fredericksburg history. If you’re lucky, Troy will be in and he is not only one of the three owners but he is the sixth generation Fredericksburg community member. His family helped to establish Fredericksburg and he believes in keeping the community close. Definitely a place to stop and we can’t wait to go back and visit.

Dancehall, Texas, Historic Places, Bar, Bluff-Dale, Small-Texas-Towns,

Is a day trip what you’re looking for? Maybe something out of the ordinary? Look no further than The Greenwood Dancehall and Saloon in Bluff Dale, Texas. If you blink, you may miss this town – so be ready. A little rustic and full of “country eclectic” decor.

Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival, Fort Worth Texas

Each spring, the Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival comes to life. This is by far one of my favorite events and showcases the best of Fort Worth. Whether its BBQ, desserts, whiskey, wine, beer, breakfast, burgers or even food trucks, there will be something for you. Come with an empty stomach, stretchy pants or a loose belt because this will be one of the best food festivals you’ll get to enjoy in Texas!

Sugarhouse, Maple Syrup, Vermont Maple, Vermont, Northern Vermont Maple, Tradition

Maple Sugarhouses. If you’re in Vermont, it’s almost time to enjoy the sweet, sweet Maple gold! There is absolutely nothing like the smell of a sugarhouse and the taste of the freshest maple syrup. Take a drive, look for the steam coming from the sugarhouses and stop in for a visit. It’s the best time of year. [Note: Keep the annual Maple Syrup Festival on your calendars at the April.]

I can’t wait to hear what you have planned for 2018 adventures! What’s on your list?

A Recent Recap – Fun, Fun & More Fun!

Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of updates on our recent trip to Fredericksburg, Dripping Springs and Austin but we’ve been up to a whole lot more than that! If you follow me on Instagram (because you really should), you’ll see that we’ve been up to a whole lot more! Here’s a little recap on our adventures, new recipe successes and sights seen along the way!

Spicy Cajun shrimp in a garlic cream sauce! Holy moly!!! This recipe comes from Damn Delicious and it’s exactly that – damn delicious! It’s also super easy! The only adjustment was using creole seasoning instead of Cajun (it’s the same thing, isn’t it?!). We’ll be making this again. So good!


Weekends are meant to be explored! There’s so much to do! Here are some sights from the past couple weekends.

FORE!!!! Early morning golfing.

FORE!!!! Early morning golfing.

The Southside area of Fort Worth hosted Open Streets. Magnolia Street was closed off and local businesses lined the area featuring the best of Fort Worth. Restaurants, small businesses, grab a beer and bit to eat, walk, explore and listen to music. What an amazing day and definitely a family fun filled event.

IMG_9792a IMG_9796a

Red Dirt Roads (via 95.9 FM The Ranch) has been hosting their radio show live from Magnolia Motor Lounge the last few weekends. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon listening to some of best musicians and songwriters this area has to offer. I’m a little short so this was as best as I could get (hands and phone/camera as high up as I could hold it). IMG_9797a

Another recipe – Cauliflower pizza. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and it was pretty tasty! This recipe is fit for about a personal sized pizza so if this is for more than one, double it up! Looks good doesn’t it?!


Weeknight date night! Whoohoo! Mr. S. and I don’t live in the same town so we usually spend the most time together on the weekends but when the schedule allows we have weeknight date nights! It’s so nice to have a date night in the middle of the week. We get to relax and just hang out, enjoy either a good home cooked meal (thanks Pinterest!) or find somewhere local to check out. It’s a great breather to our hectic schedules!

In the future I’d love to start a weeknight date night series showcasing great local deals during the week. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


This week we headed over to Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth (West 7th area) for burgers! Did it ever hit the spot! Recommendations: The Whiskey Burger and some hand-cut perfectly seasoned fries. Maybe not on the diet list but during the week, this is the place to go. On the weekends, there’s a line out the door and around the corner. Weeknight – no line, seat yourself, enjoy the food and company!

I love sending cards even though I don’t do it nearly enough. This is the latest doodle! Do anyone ever color or doodle? Completely therapeutic!


Finally, maybe the highlight of my week. This is the second time I’ve seen this. This past Wednesday, the Medal of Honor was being delivered to a recipient. Traveling from DFW airport to an unknown location, Highway 114 was closed down in the Southlake area. This is the route I travel on a daily basis. All along the highway, people were spotted showing respect and on the overpasses, local firefighters and police officers saluted. To whoever the recipient of this award was, to their families and fellow service members – thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and your service. We are forever grateful.


And once again it’s Friday! What will this weekend bring for adventures? No one knows, we shall see!

What’s on your agenda this weekend? 

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Relax, Rewind and Breathe

Texas is a lot of things. Dallas is the hustle and bustle which I refer to as the “New York City of Texas”. Austin is the college town where everyone wears burnt orange (Hook ’em!). Fort Worth is the laid-back, kick-back big-small town where jeans and boots are more than acceptable. It’s more about personalities and friendliness than appearance. Small town Texas is small town, sometimes the middle of nowhere. Abandoned buildings are sometimes familiar, old town squares, community and rustic charm is evident. Texas is many things but it’s not Vermont for this Vermonter and sometimes I just miss those dairy farms, country roads and everything being familiar. (As you can see, I’m approaching needing a serious trip back home soon.)

Texas does have a certain charm about it and along my travels find things that bring me back. Whether it be that country road, finding old milk cans, sap buckets or even seeing a tractor in a field and nothing is better than white-face Herefords. I have a special place in my heart for those cows. One of my favorite places has to be a friends ranch because it takes away all that wallpaper, glitz and glam of the world and brings you to what it’s suppose to be.

Beauty. Peacefulness. Nature. Fresh air.

For New Years weekend, we spent some time out on his families property where I shared some photos of some of the magnificent animals that we saw (that we don’t even see in Vermont). In this post, I wanted to share some of the items that remind me a little bit of my home state and some of my favorite things, including those great white-face Herefords.

The-Ranch_1987a The-Ranch_1967a The-Ranch_1965a The-Ranch_1974a The-Ranch_1968b

When you think of home, what comes to mind first?