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9 Reasons to Travel to Dripping Springs, Texas

There’s been a lot of buzz around Dripping Springs, Texas lately. Situated just outside of Austin, it really hones in on the Hill Country’s rustic feel just outside the big city. When visiting, these are the top activities that should be on any list when visiting Dripping Springs

  1. Stay
    When in town, go authentic. It’s time to embrace what makes Dripping Springs, Dripping Springs. Cottages, inns, B&B’s, take a pick! There’s so many to choose from but stay in a place which brings character. It’ll add a little pizazze to your story!
    Dripping Springs, Liney Moon, Cottage, Texas, Travel Texas, Accomodations(Above, The Liney Moon)
  2. Eat
    There’s so many great places to eat, the real question is where to begin? The Pizza Cave (below), Rolling in Thyme & Dough or Smoke n’Hops among other local favorites. Come !
  3. Get Outside
    Dripping Springs is the home to the Hamilton Pool reserve. Enjoy the famous Texas swimming hole over scenic limestone including a waterfall to help you cool off after a hike through one of the nearby parks.
  4. Texas Hill Country Olive Oil
    A growing crop, Texas produces olive oil! Stop in for a tour of the grounds and learn how the production of olive oil is growing in Texas. Inside, enjoy olive oil and balsamic vinegar tastings and even pair them with a wine tasting from some of the finest vineyards in Texas.
  5. Explore the Wine Trail
    Did someone say wine?! Dripping Springs is home to vineyards of their own including Solaro Estates Winery and Bell Springs Winery. Looking to stay in town, swing by one of the tasting rooms or wine tours to expand the selection. Need a drive? That’s available too!
  6. Micro Brew Invasion
    Dripping Springs is home to Jester King, Twisted X and Thirsty Planet Brewing Company. Smoke’n Hops and The Barber Shop are the local watering holes to help quench your thirst. Sit back, kick back and relax! Have a cold one!
  7. Distilleries
    The beverages go on and on! Deep Eddy Vodka, Dripping Springs Vodka and Treat Oak Distillery are all in town. Staying in Austin and want to come out for the day? Completely possible with one of the many tours to and from, including the Austin Tour Company which will bring you and your friends to and from downtown Austin to Deep Eddy Vodka for some fun and games.
    Note: All tours at Deep Eddy Vodka must be booked in advance.
  8. Mercer Street
    “Take a step back in time on historic Mercer Street. Home to some of the first businesses in town, you’ll recognize that you’re on Mercer Street well before you see a sign. Historic buildings house the dancehall, perfect for the evening two-step, grab a beer or enjoy some frozen yogurt and ice cream. THere’s a place on Mercer Street for everyone.
  9. Drive
    This is the Hill Country. Explore it, embrace it, take it in. It’s best done behind the wheel with endless destination.
    Dripping Springs TX_0563

What’s your favorite attraction in Dripping Springs? 
What’s on the top of your to do list? 

Dripping Springs, Liney Moon, Cottage, Texas, Travel Texas, Accomodations

The Liney Moon – Dripping Springs, Texas

Disclaimer: The Liney Moon provided a complimentary two-night stay in exchange for sharing my experience with readers. As always, 100% of opinions, photos and content are my own. #ad

When traveling, its important to ensure items that are not on the “regularly seen” list, are seen.  I love character, originality and charm mixed in with a little simplicity and local flare. On a recent trip to the Hill Country, we decided to stay and explore Dripping Springs. We’ve heard so much about the area, it was time we had a first hand account of what there was to offer.

Liney Moon_9619

In researching accommodations, I came across The Liney Moon. First, it’s not the typical B&B, inn or hotel that we all see pop-up in internet search results, but I was intrigued. I mean, look at the cottages themselves. Something out of the ordinary!

Liney Moon_9645

The Liney Moon is two types of accommodations, a large home (The Stellar House) or small cottages to rent.

The Stellar House is home to the large party of guests. If traveling with many guests or if a wedding is in the works, this may be more accommodating or appealing. With over 2300 sq. feet of living space, the house holds 1 double, 10 queen and 5 twin beds. See what I mean? Large party.

Liney Moon_9647

During our stay we stayed in one of the ten cottages on the property (two are handicap accessible). Now, these are pretty neat. Each cottage sit on their own section of the property in a horseshoe setting (we could not see The Stellar House). Each has their own parking space, a porch and face out into the center lawn area which houses picnic tables, a few chairs and a grill. On the outside, they all look pretty similar but on the inside is when the local flare takes shape.

Liney Moon_0539

Each cottage has it’s own theme based on a local organization within Dripping Springs. We stayed in the Verde Cottage which is based on the Verde Restaurant in town. A tequila sign sits over the full-sized bed (how fitting knowing my love for the special beverage). Equipped with a TV, small microwave and refrigerator and other artwork showcasing the Verde Restaurant, the room came together.

Liney-Moon_0524 Liney Moon_0573

This cottage was handicap accessible with a ramp outside to come in, extra room along both sides of the TV / mini-fridge area and an extra large shower in the bathroom. There was plenty of space. This room had a full size bed (as opposed to a queen) with the additional roll-out twin size bed for extra guests. Liney-Moon_0526 LineyMoon_0530

The Liney Moon is just a short drive outside of town. During our stay and exploration of the area, we noticed there were a lot of weddings within a short drive (couple miles) so this may be a great option if in town for an event.

More so this is a great place to getaway, unplug and relax. I refer to it as elaborate camping. This still supplies electricity and plumbing with the ability to sleep comfortably at night in a bed and still check out of the everyday world. Sometimes, we don’t know how much we need to unplug until we’re forced to. Time to turn off the cell phones. A lot of people may find this a downside when staying somewhere but the cottages have no internet access and we had little cell service. There’s a phone inside, however no internet. Gasp! This really forced me put down my phone and embrace the time I had to be away from it all in the world.

Liney Moon_9648

Sometimes, you need a one-of-a-kind place to really take a break. Be prepared for no WI-fi in the cottages and I would suggest bringing extra beverages and water. There are locations to check out nearby including some that we checked out including Deep Eddy Vodka distillery, enjoyed a great pizza in town and spent a day in Austin (a short drive away).

For more information:
The Liney Moon
5401 W Fitzhugh Road
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Distance: About 30 minutes from downtown Austin and an hour from Fredericksburg.

The 6666 Pullman Train Car, Fredericksburg, Texas, Train Car, Presidential Train Car

The 6666 Pullman Train Car

It’s amazing the things that you can find when traveling somewhere new and sometimes it really pays off taking a turn just for the heck of it, unsure what’s waiting to be seen around the corner. Not far from Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas lies a piece of history – the 6666 Pullman Train Car.

When we were in Fredericksburg in March, we decided to spend a little time before a wine tasting driving around town. Low and behold, we found this train car with a United States Presidential Seal. It’s taken some digging but I may have found the secret to this unusual find.


In 1894, Pullman built this train car which was purchased by S. Burde Burnett, a famous cattleman in North Texas and the Quanah’s route of directors, shortly after. Burnett grew to be one of the largest cattleman in the Southwest and as his business grew, he found that he had greater needs to travel. He purchased the train car in order to ease his needs to travel between Fort Worth and his ranch, The Four Sixes Ranch in Wichita County.

The 6666 Pullman Train Car, Fredericksburg, Texas, Train Car

There are a few ideas where the name ‘6666’ derived from. One theory states it was the hand he played to win the ranch in a game of poker. The more accurate account states that Burnett purchased a herd of cattle from another rancher in Denton County in 1871 and Burnett kept the brand.


This train car was not only owned by one of the more famous cattleman in Texas but it was also used by President Theodore Roosevelt (on one of his hunting trips) and Comanche Chief Quanah Parker.


Throughout the years the train car has been bought by multiple owners however today it is owned by Fischer & Wieser in Fredericksburg, a specialty foods company. It is said to a guesthouse or a small B&B. Little did we know it was a place to stay while in town but it was pretty neat to find something so unique exploring town.


Facts and information on the 6666 Pullman Train Car can be found at:
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