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Welcome to Bonham, Texas

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With a population around 10,000 people, the town of Bonham, Texas can be found 75 miles northeast of Dallas and 12 miles south of Oklahoma. History can be found in this small, north Texas town.

Bonham is one of the oldest cities in Texas. Settled around 1837, the town was named after James Bonham who fought in the Battle of the Alamo. When the Texas and Pacific Railway came into play, Bonham grew. By 1885, there were multiple churches, public schools and multiple newspapers. Employers included saw and grain mills, an ice plant and the Texas Power and Light Company. During WWII, the US. Army Air Forces maintained a training camp, aviation school and POW camp for captured German soldiers.

Surrounding the courthouse in the town square, statues commemorate the Civil War, Confederacy and the legends of Bonham.

“At the call of his boyhood friend William Barret Travis, he came to Texas in 1835 and engaged in the War for Independence as aide and messenger for Travis. He was faithful unto death at the Alamo March the sixth 1836.”

“To The Confederate Soldiers who sacrificed their lives for a just cause, this monument is lovingly dedicated by the Daughters of the Confederacy, aided by the Confederate Veterans Association of Fanning County.”
“From 1861 to 1865, they fought for principle, their homes, and those they loved. On Fame’s eternal camping ground their silent tents are spread, and glory guards, with solemn round, the bivouac of the dead.”

Another historical figure in this area is Sam Rayburn who was one of the most influential politicians in the 20th century. During his career in the U.S. House of Representatives, Mr. Rayburn’s career would bring him to serving under eight Presidents including Lyndon B. Johnson with which he held a close relationship. In 1914, he purchased 121 acres just outside of Bonham where built his family home. Today, it is open for tours.

Head into town and the Sam Rayburn Library can visibly be seen. It’s a beautiful building that can’t be missed coming into town.

Bonham shows that Texas history is alive and well.

For more information:
Sam Rayburn House Museum

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