Marion Sansom Park, Fort Worth

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In North Fort Worth, the Marion Sansom Park can be found just south of Hwy 820 and Jacksboro Highway 199. This past weekend, I headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather (it was almost 70 degrees in January) with a couple of friends and their dogs. We had such a good time!

Marion Sansom is popular for mountain biking, hiking and trail running.  You’ll find expansive views of the Lake Worth dam, a Love tree, waterfalls and great elevation changes. As someone who misses the mountains, elevation changes are phenomenal when found in North Texas!

This is definitely a popular place for mountain bikers and a great place to just feel like you’ve gotten completely away from the city life With about 10+ miles of trails, you could spend a solid morning or afternoon here. A few concerns about the park, there’s a few places with lots of broken glass so be careful and the elevation in a few spots are quite steep with lots of loose rocks. The trail signs could be marked better so definitely go with someone who has been before or check out the map before hand online.

Have you had a chance to check out Marion Sansom Park? What’s your favorite park? 

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14 thoughts on “Marion Sansom Park, Fort Worth

    1. Diana Post author

      It’s so nice when you can just walk outside and enjoy it! My parents house is very much like that and in the country. Enjoy the great weather if it comes your way!

  1. Lisa mallette

    Seems like a great place for an outdoor adventure. Seems soooo much warmer than up here in the northeast! Little jealous. We do letter boxing around here too. Ever search to see if any letterboxes are hidden within this park as well?


    1. Diana Post author

      My parents are in the Northeast and I’ve heard it’s been super cold. Hopefully it warms up for you some but I’d trade a bit for a little bit of snow (I miss it). By letter boxing to you mean like geocaching? I’m sure there’s some in there, I didn’t even think to look!

    1. Diana Post author

      Me neither until that weekend. On a nice sunny day, it was gorgeous but I wouldn’t go back in the dead of summer with the snakes lingering. I’m a little terrified of finding them mixed in with the rocky areas. Slightly terrified over here, haha!

  2. Clarissa Easter

    Me and my fiance are getting married on May 2nd and we decided we want to get married at Marion Sansom Park. Can anyone please tell me a phonenumber I can call to find out how much it will cost to get married here?


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