Holiday Light Hunting in Highland Park

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Friday night, I ventured out to Dallas on a mission… to find the best possible Christmas lights around! The Highland Park area is a wealthy, peaceful neighborhood with elaborate homes just outside of downtown Dallas. (To give you an idea, we drove by a house that had valet for their party.) Driving around looking at these amazing homes is a trip in itself but to have them decorated so beautifully around the holidays is the icing on the cake!

If you happen to be around the Dallas area and are looking for a good spot for lights, this is definitely it. There’s also carriage rides available to take you on a tour down a few streets.

Here are a few of my favorites! I hope you enjoy them too!
(Be sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see the jackpot of all decorated homes!)

I would love to have life-like guards outside my door but I guarantee if I’m storing them in an attic, they’re bound to catch me off guard at another point during the year.

Does anyone else think Home Alone when seeing homes like this one?

Is your house too big? Well, let’s just decorate all the trees!

This was my favorite (above). Perfect in every way! Not too big, not too small. Great porch. Feels like home!

And the winner is…

No joke. That Nutcracker is literally the entire first story. The presents are bigger than I am and there’s even more on the lawn that I couldn’t get into the picture.

Which one is your favorite?

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10 thoughts on “Holiday Light Hunting in Highland Park

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      Isn’t it awesome! I just wanted to go up to some of the decorations and take pictures but their houses are already intimidating enough and didn’t want to be rude. It’s just so pretty!


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