The Greenwood, Texas Dancehall & Saloon

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If you’re looking for a good spot to check out on a weekend drive, day trip, Texas road trip – this is your town and this is your stop!

The other weekend, I was on my way to Hico, passing through Bluff Dale, Texas. A tiny town, so tiny that if you blink you could very well miss it. This tiny town holds GEMS! I was previously told that I would love The Greenwood. I was later told again about The Greenwood and a popular restaurant in town. Well, I just happened to be passing through and I slowed down just long enough to turn down a dead end street to find the gem of all gems!

Dancehalls. I love them! Love really doesn’t cut it. I don’t think there’s just one thing that I love, I love everything but most of all, it’s the history that the walls hold. The people that have walked through the door, two-stepped across the old wooden floors, music that filled the air, along with laughter, banter and I’m sure there’s been a few arguments along the way.

There’s an entire wall of photos. It’s pretty amazing the history in this Texas town!

Really, I’m pretty sure the look on my face was priceless. I LOVE places like this. I’m like a kid in a candy store. Something new, never before seen. It’s like walking into a different world. I just wanted to soak up everything in sight! Here, let me show you…

When you walk in, be ready!

Honestly, I was pretty excited about the moose! It’s not a typical Texas sight!
The Greenwood is the perfect place to grab a beer, sit back and just enjoy the Texas character. There’s a lot on the walls and you never know who you’ll meet sitting at the bar!

The inside is pretty amazing in itself but then there’s the entire outdoor aspect. Take a gander!Now I know what you’re saying, dancehall?! Where’s the band. Well, they were setting up as I was heading out. There’s room. Seriously, every town should have a watering hole such as this. Is this not the perfect spot to cool off on any afternoon?

A little bit Luckenbach, a little bit Gruene, a whole lotta Texas!

Until next time! I’ll be back (with friends)!

11 thoughts on “The Greenwood, Texas Dancehall & Saloon

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      It’s so great! You two should definitely check it out if you’re ever in the area. There’s a couple good restaurants (so I hear) and a vineyard down the road! A nice little getaway.

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      Do it! It’s not even that far. If you do go, there’s a couple restaurants just up the road that I’ve heard are pretty darn good (and one looked super packed) so it’s probably true.

  1. Michael Jones

    Wow! Maggie Greenwood was my paternal great-grandmother, of whom I had never before seen a photo! My grandmother, Iris (Maggie’s daughter) looked exactly like Maggie! I would really appreciate it if you could email me any photos of her and The Greenwood that you may have. Thanks!


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