WW: Tolar, Texas

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Tolar, Texas is much like other small Texas towns – if you blink, you’ll pass right on through. In a recent passing, I stopped for just a couple minutes as the sun was starting to come down. Like my dad, the antique car caught my eye.

Hood County, Texas
Location: (by ZIP) 32.407909 N, -97.838613 W
Established: 1890
Population: 2,145

Named for Captain Alfred H.H. Tolar

Today I’m linking up with Communal GlobalPhotography Essentials and Create With Joy for {Wordless Wednesday}.

15 thoughts on “WW: Tolar, Texas

  1. Dad

    I’m jealous of what you see and having a poutin is making me hungry.! Good job on the article’s , can’t wait to see the next few stories .
    Here’s a quick story for you , had an open house at a distributors this past weekend, and he has a Amish customer and in some small talk , he ask if any one in the area , seen his half brother lately ? I surprised to hear this and ask my distributors wife how does he have a half brother ? , she replies, He’s a MIDGET , only half as tall of the rest of the Amish , so they call him HALF BROTHER . LOL ! That’s Funny .
    Oh Ya ,the NY Rangers are in the winning circle, SORRY ! Love You DAD

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      Thanks! I’ve passed thru this town so many times, I’m not sure how this is the first time I’ve just pulled over. I think it was the old car and that great Texas sunset!


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