TXRDR: Canada, Patton & Eady

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Sunday, April 13th – Reds Roadhouse in Kennedale, Texas held the Texas Red Dirt Roads radio show. The guests were Cody Canada, Courtney Patton and Jason Eady. As always, what a great time.

If you’re into the best music around, great company and a comfortable atmosphere, this is your kind of event. Each Sunday from 3-6pm, tune in or better yet just show up and spend the afternoon in one of the best ways one can.

Courtney Patton started off the show. If you haven’t heard her, just go ahead and buy a few tunes off iTunes. No need to YouTube. Trust me. ‘Twisted’ is a favorite. Her voice sounds so familiar, that she’s speaking to you, comforting, forgiving, understanding.

And then there’s Jason Eady. Do the same – just go ahead, purchase a few songs. Heck just get the album! ‘Cry Pretty’ – this one should sound familiar. An Air Force veteran, a proclaimed songwriter. Texas should be blessed to have this Mississippi fella!

Did I mention these two are married?!

Then there’s the most popular out of the three (sorry there Courtney and Jason) – Cody Canada. Perhaps you recognize his name from Cross Canadian Ragweed or Cody Canada and the Departed. Lucky for the attendees (and the radio listeners) we were in for a treat at this show. Not only did we get to listen to Cody Canada solo, we also got his two best right hand men to help him on stage, his boys! They did such a great job (and there’s definitely no stage fright in sight).

As Justin Frazell would say “See ya down the road!”

Who is your favorite Texas Country artist(s)?

6 thoughts on “TXRDR: Canada, Patton & Eady

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      They’re endless in Texas, I feel that way at least! One of my favorite things about this state! Hope you have a chance to check them out!

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      That’s one of the things I love most about Fort Worth – there’s a show, usually free, almost every night. Now if only I could function on less sleep, haha!


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