Go! Habs! Go!

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One of the best ways I started off 2014 was to attend a hockey game. This wasn’t just any hockey game but seeing my favorite two teams play each other – the Montreal Canadians vs. the Dallas Stars. Who did I root for? My all around favorite of course, the Habs!

Granted, I have come to love the Dallas Stars but when the Habs come to town, I’m 100% Habs! This is a pretty special game as it only happens once every other year. The two teams typically rotate locations to play once a season.

I attended the game with one of my friends who lives in the area that I actually grew up with. Little did I know when I showed up at his house that he was going to cheer for the Stars. I should’ve known, this was going to get interesting.

Hockey games just get getter with good fights. It may be my favorite part. This game, had two plus a penalty shot. The game was aggressive, high scoring and intense.

In the video you can hear a guy yelling “Let’s go Stars”. This guy had to be the most annoying fan. I say this not because he was cheering for the Stars but because he couldn’t take it both ways. Directly behind us, we had a group from Ottawa cheering for the Habs (yes, I was very happy I was surrounded by Habs fans). Said Stars fan started giving Habs fan a hard time, Habs fans came back twice as hard in a joking, playful manner and he just got serious and pissed. What fun is that?!

As I was saying… look at these awesome fans! I see red!

Great company and love some Habs! Love it even more when they come and win! Can’t wait until the next hockey game!! What a great game!

7 thoughts on “Go! Habs! Go!

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      Hockey in the South just isn’t the same as being in the North, is it? I too have become a huge Rangers fan. Going to the ballpark is always a good time! Thanks for stopping by!


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