Grady Spencer, Michael Donner, John Fullbright

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Last Thursday, while most of the metroplex was hunkering down in preparation of the great “Icemageddon of 2013”, this lady was headed to Fort Worth to catch a show she promised herself she wasn’t going to miss. Crazy? Perhaps. Other attendees would say, no, just dedicated like themselves.

I arrived at The Live Oak just off Magnolia Street in Fort Worth. This is now my favorite venue in the metroplex. Small, seated (I think it tops at 188 seats), microbrews galore and the acoustics. Oh the acoustics in this room are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. I found my spot three rows from the stage (third row only because the first two were VIP seating). Made quick friends with the group behind me sharing laughs on the cooky man sitting along the way hitting on everyone and “the best pick up lines” we’ve all heard.

First to hit the stage was a man by the name of Grady Spencer. Besides the fact hat Mr. Spencer carries a fantastic mustache, this man is a great musician! I loved his set and look forward to seeing him again.

Next up, Michael Donner from Michael Donner and the Southern Renaissance. Go ahead, take a listen. Both fantastic!

John Fullbright. That’s the man that I was there to see, to listen, to relax and try to get some kind of insight about what makes this guy tick. See, the key isn’t to know everyone’s entire book… it’s more interesting just to get little tidbits into what makes them who they are, what they do, the rest will make it all come together. John Fullbright may be one of the most dedicated and serious musicians I’ve run into in a while. He lives through his music. One of my friends has told me – don’t miss one of his shows. He was right. Oklahoma born, once a member of The Turnpike Troubadours and the Mike McClure band – this should give you a good root of his music. Don’t even get me going on the grand list of his influences. You’ll pick up on them. Goosebumps. I’m at a loss for words when I find musicians I really love. Just take my word for it, Google him, YouTube, just go buy his album… it’ll do you good.

If you happen to be within a distance to one of these musicians, especially John Fullbright – do yourself a favor, traverse a great ice storm, drive around a tornado, or just walk across the street, grab a cold one and sit back and be ready to be blown away.

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