3rd Annual Ridin’ For A Reason

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On Sunday, I attended the 3rd Annual Ridin’ For A Reason held at Adam Smith’s Harley Davidson benefiting Spokes 4 Hope.

Spokes 4 Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing bicycles for children from abusive homes. The event included an optional motorcycle rally from Cabela’s in Fort Worth to Adam Smith’s Harley Davidson, followed by a concert headlined by Stoney LaRue.

Prior to Stoney LaRue’s arrival, an acoustic show was held. Thereafter, Stoney LaRue came on stage and played. Brandon Jenkins even performed a couple songs with him. There was also food, beverages and a silent auction held to help raise money for the kids.

The weather was beautiful, great entertainment and a wonderful opportunity to help raise money and awareness for these two organizations. For more information, please visit the websites below:

Spokes 4 Hope
Ridin’ For A Reason

6 thoughts on “3rd Annual Ridin’ For A Reason

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      Definitely a great cause. I think back to when I was a kid and my brother and I were always on our bikes. To give kids that memory and opportunity is awesome and probably overlooked most of the time.

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      The motorcycle crowd (for a lack of a better term) are such great supporters of non-profits. It’s amazing the events that they take part in and put together. It was a great event (even though I didn’t ride myself).

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      I love how they’re raising money for bicycles! Something, I think most people would overlook so I’m glad someone is bringing awareness. I would’ve never thought about this idea!


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