South End Art Hop, Vermont

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The South End Art Hop is an annual city wide event that captures, celebrates and showcases artists from around the state. Weekend wide, you can walk the streets, explore, visit local businesses, listen to musicians and just find new appealing sights in the art industry. I was lucky enough to be back in Vermont this year to attend and catch up with an old friend. Definitely an awesome time!

Perusing in and out of buildings, you’ll never know what you’ll come across…

You may find the most interesting things in the most unfamiliar of places…

Perhaps if you pay enough attention, things may be right under your nose…

This was an exhibit of friends who were tending to areas while friends were out of town, and they photographed themselves. Right after I saw this, I realized this chair was in the next room…

This was one of my favorite pieces. I love the old barn. Very Vermont and Texas (minus the mountain in the back).

My friend Jen from college has been doing stand up comedy in Burlington. A few of her fellow comedians are part of the Improv show that was going on. I’ve never attended an Improv show but it was HILARIOUS – if you happen to get a chance to check one out (or more specifically these folks)… do it!

This is a great event in one of the most beautiful cities!


6 thoughts on “South End Art Hop, Vermont

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      I know! Definitely mine! I found the “Texas” version this past weekend. Fort Worth South hosted an “Arts Google” – same concept. It’s a pretty awesome up-and-coming area!


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