Texas Music Scene – Magnolia Motor Lounge

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Nothing compares to the music scene in Texas. To say that I love it, is an understatement. Singers, songwriters, musicians alike, mix together like one big family (many are actually family). Some of the best nights can be found sitting around with good friends (or even solo) enjoying the company of the folks on stage and listening to them talk about what inspired a certain tune. It doesn’t always have to be dancehalls and honkytonks, sometimes, a small venue is where it’s at. Case in point – Sunday evening at Magnolia Motor Lounge in Ft. Worth.

Saturday afternoon, I received an email stating William Clark Green had just announced a show at Magnolia Motor Lounge in Ft. Worth for Sunday. Honestly, I don’t usually go out on Sunday nights but I’m loving his music right now and thought what the heck (staying out late always sounds good until the next morning, right?). Sunday evening came, I met up with a friend (really thinking I was only going to stay until 10 so I could get some sleep) and we were ready to see WCG. What we got in return was an unbelievable show.

Walt Wilkins, Tommy Alverson, Owen Temple, William Clark Green

Honestly, I’m surprised the place wasn’t packed to the brim. To the folks that weren’t there, you really missed out. Each artist took a turn telling a story about an experience and then played a tune. To see, listen and be there in the moment with them on stage was phenomenal. It ended with Walt Wilkins “Poetry”, the perfect way to end the evening. It’s definitely an experience that goes down in my top 10!

If you have time to check out these guys or swing by one of their shows, don’t pass it up! If you have seen them, you probably have a good idea what I’m talking about.

Support the Texas music scene, there’s absolutely nothing like it!

6 thoughts on “Texas Music Scene – Magnolia Motor Lounge

  1. Crystal

    I agree – 100%!! I love to travel, but get bummed out on the radio stations and choice of music in other places. It’s just NOT Texas!! We’ve never been to Magnolia Motor Lounge, but sounds like a fun place. Wait, what? They were all there? What an awesome group! Sounds like a good pickin’ party. Love when they just tell stories, pick their guitars and sing a song. Love it.
    Thanks for linking up!! Love your post!!

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      ALL THERE – Talk about a treat! I still wonder if it was just a dream! 🙂
      This is what Texas is all about!

  2. Liz

    I’ve heard Austin has a great music scene! The only place in TX I’ve been is San Antonio, though, and it was for work 2 years ago. It was in March so the 80 degree weather felt pretty nice compared to Michigan’s 30 degrees :).

    1. dianavt13 Post author

      SA is fun. The music scene is Austin is ridiculous. If I lived there, I’m not sure if I’d be very productive. It’d be work and then a show pretty much every night = dangerous. haha

      1. Liz

        SA was fun, although I mostly just worked. I did some touristy stuff like view the Alamo and go on a boat ride too, however. They filmed part of Miss Congeniality there which is one of my favorite movies :).

        Detroit has a music scene but a lot of the venues are downtown. Royal Oak, a suburb near me, has some music acts come sometimes, and there’s a lot of outdoor venues – I saw the Beach Boys in Sterling Heights, MI, at a place that was apparently closed for 4 years and just reopened. We’ve also got DTE and Meadow Brook which are both outdoor music venues, and those are about 30 minutes away from me.
        Liz recently posted…Recap: Seadog fireworks cruise, ChicagoMy Profile

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