One of the Greatest Towns In Texas

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Luckenbach, TX. Population: 3
By far one of my favorite places in this state. I light up whenever I talk about it and there’s not even that much there. Maybe that’s why I love it so! Maybe it’s because of the song. I’m not sure.
If you ever find yourself on Highway 290 between Fredericksburg and Johnson City, do yourself a favor and take a little detour. You’ll turn off 290, drive about ten minutes up the road and be careful not to miss your turn. You’ll find the general store (with a bar in the back), the dancehall and outdoor stage. Deep in the heart of Texas.
The general store has a lot of items that you can purchase. People come here from near and far, for good reason. This place is awesome! I mean, there’s even a cat that roams around, I like to think it’s the soul of one of original people from Luckenbach.

Luckenbach is incredibly unique. There are pictures, money, signatures, stickers, hats and pretty much anything you can think of covering the walls, ceilings and floor in the bar. It’s pretty awesome just checking out everything there and each time you go, there’s something new. (I stopped by twice on this trip. Once obviously wasn’t enough.)

While I was in the general store, a couple people were talking about the history of the town. Apparently, years ago, the town went up for sale. A local rancher purchased the town as it was a middle point between himself and a few friends. They used it as a place to get together in between their ranches and catch up, enjoy some tunes and have a few cold ones.

Had to get a picture with the bartender! When in Luckenbach, drink a Shiner. It’s the Texas way.

My first time visiting Luckenbach was a few years ago. When we had stopped, we asked the bartender who he had seen walk thru there. They pointed us to a man who was sitting on a bar stool and said “You should ask him. He’s been here a while.”. Well, this man had a patch on one eye and proceeded to tell us that Kenny Chesney was there the week prior, he had seen them all, George Strait, Willie and the list went on and on. To be a fly on the wall.

(Above) This band was playing in the dancehall on Saturday night.
(Below) This band was playing on the outdoor stage on Sunday morning.

Even the armadillos get in on the fun!
If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by. If you’ve been, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Texas Tuesday link up with Amanda from Princess of the Panhandle and Crystal from Masons Mama. This is a chance for any blogger to participate in a post on the greatness of Texas! There’s so much to explore!

8 thoughts on “One of the Greatest Towns In Texas

    1. Diana, Down Home Traveler

      I knew of Luckenbach from the old Willie Nelson / Waylon Jennings song. The first time we tried to find it, we couldn’t (and didn’t really know what we were about to experience). We ended up seeing these two guys on bicyles and asked them, they told us to continue down this dirt road and they’d meet us at the bar. We were slightly confused only to find out they were serious. It’s a hidden gem. I love that little “town”.

  1. Eesh

    This place looks pretty darn cool! I’m glad you found it & shared. I guess it’s another thing I can add to my list whenever I’m in Texas.

    That armadillo is everything haha!



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