How I Got To Texas: Nicole / Coastie Wife

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It’s pretty amazing the people that we meet in life and how we get to the place we’re at. I’m pretty intrigued with hearing people’s stories and thought about how we all got to where we’re at. I’ve decided to start a series called “How I Got To Texas” which will introduce you to some of my fellow blogging friends and learn a bit about their background and how they got to the great state of Texas.

Today, meet Nicole from Coastie Wife, where she blogs about her military family, crafting with her kids and photography (among many other topics). Be sure to check out her blog!

How this Wyoming Girl Got to Texas
Somehow, somewhere, some part of me–deep down inside–knew that I would end up in Texas someday. Now, I should clarify. This deep-down-inside-feeling wasn’t a part of me until I met the boy who would become my hubby. Although he had grown up in Wyoming, like me, he was born in Texas and had been in and out of it ever since. Just like my fierce native love of Wyoming, he had a deep native love of his own home state that I felt would draw us there someday.

For awhile it looked as if my deep feeling might have been wrong as we hopped up and down the Eastern Seaboard making home “wherever the Coast Guard sent us” to the tune of Washington DC, the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, and Boston.

After a deployment to Cuba and a few other bumps along the way it became apparent that our adventure as a Coast Guard family was coming to a close and that our adventure as a back to college family was about to begin. And where better, hubby thought, to pursue this dream than the state of his birth? Texas is notorious for affordable living, good colleges, helping veterans, and southern hospitality, so it sounded like it would be perfect for our little family of four while he went to the University of Texas branch at Tyler for his bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.

This is the short version of how this Wyoming turned East Coast turned College wife Girl found herself plopped down into the heart of East Texas just a few short months ago. At first I felt a bit bewildered, I must admit. Jerking from the high fashion New England culture into the heartlands of tractors driving down the road, cows next door, and chicks in the department stores was a bit of a shock.

Over time, however, I’ve begun to love our new home state. From the gorgeous flowers in the spring to the temperate weather that allows my kids to play outside year round, the “just right” size of our new home town that provides lots of fun without all the crazy, and let’s not forget all the delicious barbeque–Texas has so much to offer that I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of. I’m putting roots down, little by little, and find myself become quite comfortable in the state of friendly people and huge variety. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to settle for good in this state I always felt I was destined for, and in the mean time I’m enjoying this adventure!

2 thoughts on “How I Got To Texas: Nicole / Coastie Wife

  1. holli

    Great pictures! My mom lived many years in Dubois, Wyoming and my little brother grew up there up until high school and then came back to Texas. Welcome to Texas Nicole.


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