28 in 28, 9 Month Update

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So today marks the nine month mark since turning 28. I thought it would be a good time to revisit my 28 in 28 list to see how I’m doing!

Here’s the update!

1. Get Christmas cards out on time! (Does December 18th count?)
2. Visit one new place each month.
August: Gruene, TX
September: Bardstown, KY
October: West End, Dallas, TX
November: Texas Motor Speedway, Ft. Worth, TX
December: Grapevine Christmas Wine Train and Farina’s Cafe
January: Random Trip to Austin (Austin in a new way)
February: Texas Hill Country Furniture and Merchantile, Lipan, TX
March: Diana, TX
April: Bastrop, TX
3. Sign up / walk for Alzheimers Walk.
4. Let’s go for 12 crafty projects. (0/12)
5. Start a private blog for my niece. (In Progress)
6. Save money. (In Progress)
7. Get this wardrobe together. (In Progress)
8. Revisit music scene.
9. Run 5k.
10. Get blog to 6,000 views per month.
11. Hike Enchanted Rock.
12. Try one twelve new recipes per month. (3/12)
Dr. Pepper Crock Pot Brisket
Chicken Enchiladas
Broccoli Rice Casserole
13. Organize recipe book.
14. Find a new, more challenging job.
15. Lose 10 pounds.
16. Start etsy shop and sell some photos.
17. Get my picture taken in the bluebonnets!
18. Send one 12 handwritten notes per month. (Check your mailboxes.) (3/12)
19. Get a dog or pet (I’m going to say sea monkey’s count).
20. Buy a watch.
21. Get a new phone.
22. Find and attend one Texas antique car show.
23. Do something out of the ordinary (for me).
24. Write one children’s book.
25. Go horseback riding / visit a ranch.
26. Go canoeing / kayaking.
27. Keep on traveling! (In Progress)
28. Focus on me. (In Progress)

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