The Tumbleweeds and The Lumineers

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A little over a year ago, I came across a band that my friend had posted on Facebook. Immediately, I fell in love, looked up their tour dates and purchased tickets. Just like that. It turned out to be one of the best, most intimate, special moment, making history shows I have attended. (You can read about it, here.) The band – The Lumineers.

Surely, you’ve heard their music by now as they played on a commercial for a while and have been on a couple tv shows not to mention all over the radio. Regardless, their fan base has grown immensely. Just two weeks ago, I received an email from my concert buddy saying they were in town. Again – didn’t even hesitate buying tickets. I was excited except for the fact that since we were a little behind on finding out – our tickets were way in the back and high up. We’re usually front and center of the stage kind of people. (It was a little odd to be that far away to say the least.)

I’m going to apologize for the lack of pictures, the venue doesn’t approve of cameras and quite frankly – you wouldn’t want to see them from our view. At the same time, I think sometimes when we’re attending something, we have a tendency to have a camera stuck in front of our face and we really don’t enjoy it as much as we should. I’m incredibly guilty of this so it was really nice to just sit back and ENJOY.

First thing is first – openers: Sam Doores and The Tumbleweeds

I’m going to make a general public service announcement here. If you are planning a festival, Americana show, country show, bluegrass show… these guys NEED to be included. It’s a necessity. Don’t let them pass you by because a few years down the road you’re really going to kick yourself in the arse.
Yea – I said it. You will. Trust me.

A blend of Southern railway, blues, American, bluegrass all mixed together, these young men hail for New Orleans. They are authentic and vintage. If sights do anything for you, you would think they came right of the 70’s and old time country music from way back in the day and teleported to our era. The entire show, you will find yourself picking out inspirations in their music. There’s many, many. Absolutely amazing but I’ll let you judge for yourself.

The Headliners – The Lumineers

This is a really special moment for me and where the love of music comes full circle. On June 1st, 2012, I attended a show for the Lumineers at the Prophet Bar in Dallas. Small venue. History really. Their first sold out show. Their first encouraged encore request. It was intimate, it was personable. You could tell that they absolutely loved playing and did it strictly for the love of the art. Their lyrics touch you, speak to you and you become lost in the moment. I knew what I had experienced as soon as I left and knew I would never experience again. Truly special.

Fast forward ten month, I was right. This band has blown up in a short matter of time and I couldn’t be happier for them. It was absolutely amazing thinking back to that small venue less than a year ago and seeing thousands of people completely immersed in their music, and them just a short time later. More so, the fact that their show was the same, just on a much larger scale. They are headliners, supporting their opening acts, asking fans to put down their phones and cameras and to just “enjoy the moment” with them. They even came into the crowd and played a couple songs and went back on stage to finish their encore. I literally get goosebumps when they start playing, even more so when Neyla sings. They are truly a great example of succeeding in the music industry and staying true to yourselves and your fans.

The Lumineers played a majority of songs from their last album as well as some new songs for their next. If last night is any indication of what their new album will sound like, it’ll be wicked amazing!

(Video found on YouTube from last night’s show.)
(And here is my favorite!)

If you haven’t already – I highly encourage you to check them out. If you don’t, it’ll probably kick you in the arse later on too!

2 thoughts on “The Tumbleweeds and The Lumineers

  1. holli

    I love the Lumineers. I was sad i wasnt able to make the concert. So glad you had a great time and thank you for introducing me to the opening band. Very cool!


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