The Trisha’s, Get Ready to Be Hooked

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A few months ago, a friend (we’ll call him the Austin Music Man since he’s always introducing me to new musicians) introduced me to a band called, The Trisha’s. I was hooked by the first chorus of the song. Texas country, authentic country, a little bit of gospel and soul mixed in, they’ve got it all combined. I’ve been hooked ever since and patiently waiting for them to play nearby.

Meanwhile, The Ranch radio station in Fort Worth holds a concert series every year. This year, it’s being held at The Capital Bar. I was lucky enough to see that the second show in the series was… The Trisha’s!!! I wasn’t going to miss this!

On a side note, (picture above) the couple dancing happened to become engaged that night at the show. I missed it as I arrived a little late but congrats to them!!!

I really wonder how these ladies all came to know each other. Their voices whether separate or all together produce amazing harmonies, their lyrics hit your soul and make you not only feel like you can relate to them but that they’re relating to you and are right there with ya. One would think that they have known each other forever but I feel like that’s not quite the case. Amazing musicians, they are the ones that you don’t have to spruce up on a cd. They’re even better live.

After the show, they were so kind to sign autographs at the merch table and even pose for a picture!


If you have a chance to check out these ladies, don’t miss it! You won’t be sorry!

Here’s a couple other videos for ya…

2 thoughts on “The Trisha’s, Get Ready to Be Hooked

  1. holli

    Diana,i LOVE your taste in music! The Trisha’s are great. I love me some good Texas music like Cross Canadian Ragweed, and my king Robert Earl Keen!


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