March 2013

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Well, I’m not sure about all of you but March has gone by too fast. I can’t believe it is the last week! THE LAST WEEK! Ugh, it seems like just a couple days ago this month was just starting!
So to end the month, I thought I’d show off a few pictures on this “kinda” Wordless Wednesday.
Live music in a Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth. They were singing “Hey, Good Lookin'”.
Hockey! I can’t get enough! As much as I love the Dallas Stars as a local team, my heart is with the Montreal Canadiens!
I’ve never been much of a runner but these afternoon run / walks are really starting to catch on. I love finding a not so crowded place in what sometimes seems like the most crowded place ever. It’s silent and full of natural beauty (and occasional armadillos).
Have I mentioned the Keith Mitchell Band in Ft. Worth? They’re awesome and put on a great show! I saw them earlier this month at the World’s Largest Honky Tonk!
Care packages. I love those too! This one came from my parents but in all honesty I can’t remember if it was in February or March. Oh what the heck! I got a great note, a maple candy moose, a CDL maple equipment t-shirt and some hot chicken sandwich and poutine mix from ole Canada! By the way, have you ever had those maple cookies?! They will melt your heart! Sooo good!
And finally a little note for the week!

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