A Town With Your Own Name

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It feels like the past couple weeks have been nothing but go – go – go! Work is busy, life is busy. So I have a bit to catch you up on but FIRST I wanted to share with you a pit stop that I made this past weekend in East Texas. I found a tiny little town with my name! I mean really, how often do you really come across this! So I took a little detour, made a friend snap a couple photos, got a couple weird looks from locals (“why on earth is she having her picture taken in front of the hardware store sign?!”). You know – everyday things!

In all honesty – how awesome is this?! Kinda makes you want to just yank that sign out of the ground doesn’t it? (Don’t worry, it’s still there!)

4 thoughts on “A Town With Your Own Name

    1. Diana, Down Home Traveler

      Yea – there’s not much there. I thought of you actually because when I was looking it up I saw Miniola was nearby and I remember seeing your post! This state is so big, there’s a ton of towns. You have to start running out of names at some point… maybe! haha


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