Texas Sized Rocker

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Look at me up in that giant chair!!!! Yep, what you’re seeing is exactly right. I’m sitting in the World’s Largest Rocking Chair in Lipan, Texas. See, things really are bigger down here! During my Saturday perusing, this was another destination that I wanted to check out and you definitely can’t miss it! I mean, if you miss seeing this giant chair on the side of the road, you really shouldn’t be driving at all! Let me tell you a little more…

This giant rocking chair can be found off Highway 281 (near I-20) just west of Fort Worth at the Texas Hill Country Furniture & Mercantile. It’s in the country so if you’re looking for a little country drive, this is the place to go! As soon as I walked into the store, to be honest I wished I was rich so I could fill my imaginary house with all of these items. Classic, Texas furniture made literally right behind the store. The furniture is BEAUTIFUL and they can make you anything you would like, custom-made just for you. Check out a few of my favorite items!

This bathtub. Check this out – wooden bathtub and it’s absolute perfection. Pay attention to the details – do you see the legs?! Yes – this would most definitely be in my home and it could be in yours too for $8,000.
Now, kitchen tables! There were two kitchen tables that I loved (who am I kidding, I loved every piece in the store). The table above had a built in lazy susan in the middle however my favorite part is the “legs”. It’s actually a tree trunk. Makes my hippie heart melt!
As you can see, it doesn’t matter what part of the house you need furnished, you will find something here. It’s not all about furniture though, they have every detail you would need for your home. I even found a couple things for mine!
I actually bought the cow on the top right. She is beautiful! The one on the left was a favorite too but, well I only have so much room in my apartment at the moment!
Hangers, antler chandelier (I definitely want one of these someday) and the kitchenware was beautiful. They even had some hand painted pieces.

From Top, L-R.
1. Rocking Stools – Who wouldn’t want a rocking stool?! Let’s not kid ourselves here!
2. I now have an itch to make a Texas themed quilt. I know, I said I was never going to make one again but as mama always said “Never say never”.
3. For the love of windmills! Yes, please!
4. Crosses. Turquoise. Need I say more?
5. I thought of my dad when I saw this. He took me to prom in an old Model T like the one in the picture only I didn’t have a cowboy next to me on his horse.
6. Need a hanger for your bathroom (or anywhere in your house)? You’ll find one here!
7. Can we get anymore creative with this lamp?!
8. I’m in love with the wallet in front. It’s seriously beautiful. Can I say I want? Did I just say want, I meant need. My half birthday was on February 15th … just saying. haha!
9. Milk stools. I seriously contemplated buying this for my short self and for my nine month old niece. It’d make getting into those cupboards and shelves so much easier, for both of us!
Outside, you will find what looks like 50 rocking chairs. They are gorgeous!
(Below) These two items really caught my eye as well!
Back to the World’s Largest Rockin’ Chair.
The chair actually made the Guinness Book of World Records on September 20, 2003.
25 ft 10.5 inches tall
12 ft 7.375 inches wide
5,672 pounds
Made to scale.
I’m not even kidding when I say getting into this chair was the hardest / scariest part. Have I mentioned a fear of heights? So how it works, just so you know, is that there are logs/bars (kind of like the ones you see under my feet) on the side just like a normal sized rocking chair. You basically have to climb up, wrap your arms around them and pull yourself up. Then once on the seat, crawl or if you’re brave enough stand up and scoot over to the edge.
Honestly, if you have a chance to swing by, definitely do! The people here are so incredibly nice (I mean, they came out and took a picture of me IN the chair) and the furniture is gorgeous! Give yourself plenty of time to check out the scenery in the area, the store and if that’s not enough, there’s a smokehouse to eat right next door (more on that tomorrow)! I definitely plan on stopping back in at some point. There’s so many beautiful items and who doesn’t need a good rocking chair for their porch? I’ve been thinking about it ever since I left.

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  1. Caitlin

    Oh my! This furniture is beautiful! Can I just move into the store? Please?! hehe! This is great! And I love the giant rocking chair photo! You are just adorable!


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