Random Trip: Austin

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If you know me, you would know that I have a hard time sitting still. So, it’s only easy to predict that if I don’t have anything planned on any given weekend, chances are I am planning a random trip, to a random destination for probably a random reason. This particular weekend, on Friday evening, I was planning a trip to Tishomingo, OK to check out Miranda Lambert’s store, The Pink Pistol. Before I went to bed, my plans had changed to go in a complete opposite direction!
I had an old friend from Vermont, who now lives in New Jersey, visiting New Jersey friends now living in Austin. Austin is only a three hour, easy drive. They offered up a couch to sleep on and a guaranteed good time and the plans were changed!
Saturday morning came along. I swung by the grocery store to hit up the ATM inside. How can you say no to a Girl Scout? This is not a good way to start a road trip….
Off I went. Highway 35 South.
This is one of the reasons I love Texas. I despise the city. I wish I didn’t live in such a populated area but I don’t really have a choice considering I need a paying job but there’s nothing more relaxing than driving out in the country and thankfully its not far away!


And drive anywhere on 35 isn’t a drive without stopping at the Czech Stop in West, TX.

When I finally got to Austin, I met up with an old friend, a couple awesome new friends and we headed out to 6th Street to watch some hockey and eat some dinner. We took the bus…. I can’t remember the last time I took public transportation somewhere. (Maybe D.C. in 2009… DFW isn’t really known for their public transit.) At one point, I actually knew where I was.. University of Texas (UT) Co-op Building for all of your UT paraphernalia needs!

And then we catch a glimpse of this building. The State Capital building. Seriously, one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve been in. Gorgeous!

We made our way to the restaurant / bar, grabbed some delicious nachos with brisket and soaked in some much needed hockey. Bill and I are wicked excited that hockey has started however our choice in teams do not agree. He’s a NJ Devils fan… the team that I despise. Go Habs!

I’m going to have to explain this one. Do you ever come across things that are in the shape of your state? Well my friend Meredith and I apparently have a thing for this, especially in the Vermont form…
Are we the only ones who do this?

6th Street was a ton of fun! I have zero pictures from the evening but if you’ve been to Beale Street in Memphis, it’s similar. Bar after bar after bar and live music is everywhere. The street is closed off, there are a ton of people but it’s a ton of fun. We even tried getting Bill to ride a mechanical bull but he just wouldn’t do it. I guess we’ll have to give him a few more drinks next time!
The next day we tried out a local BBQ place called Stiles Switch. I overheard someone say they’ve only been open for a year. The interior decor was my favorite! Rusty, vintage, exposed brick. All favorites here! The sign on the way out was also a favorite!

Food wise, my friends loved their ribs. I had a chopped brisket (as usual). I felt that the brisket was a little dry and there was a bit too much BBQ sauce mixed in but I guess I should’ve just went for the ribs!

I couldn’t stay long. I had a three hour drive to get started and I do love those drives. It clears your mind, there’s always good music playing. It’s just so relaxing. I even saw this guy on the way home and I think he was loving the drive as much as I was!

4 thoughts on “Random Trip: Austin

  1. Bill Bennett

    Great blog entry! So happy I made the final cut…again! I think I was in it a few years ago when we met up at American Flatbread in Burlington. Keep May 11-12 open, I will be returning to Texas and might be more willing to ride that bull…

  2. tiff@thecoffeehouse

    Ok, so this is what my post should have been like. Words explaining my trip would have been nice. πŸ™‚ Love the photos- especially that last one. I want a horse more than anything! Sherm is basically a horse, but still not the same. πŸ™‚

    1. Diana, Down Home Traveler

      It’s so nice to see you back in the blog world! I don’t think you needed words to go along with your trip pictures! They basically explained themself… paradise, relaxing, love, not wanting to come back to reality! Jealous, jealous, jealous, haha! πŸ™‚


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