Texas / OU Weekend, The West End, Dallas

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A couple weekends ago, it was UT vs. OU here in Dallas. It’s known as the Red River Rivalry and draws a big crowd, especially considering the Texas State Fair is going on. The game is on Saturday but there is always a huge crowd in the West End in Dallas on Friday night. I’ve wanted to check it out every year since I’ve been here and this year we finally went.
The street is blocked off, the businesses are open and accepting all customers. The street is filled with sober and completely drunk folks. Some who are strictly serious about the game and others who are just out to have fun. The people watching was pretty amusing. It never fails that some girls will wear the highest of all high heels and then not be able to walk for half the night. Comfort is key folks!
I will say that my expectations were set a little high. I expected more of a 6th Street in Austin feel (bar, bar, bar vs. restaurant) and beer tubs set out on the street. There were only one or two areas to buy beer without having to pay a cover at a restaurant / bar or to get into (and stay) in a gated area. There were also a lot more OU fans than Texas fans. But in the end the people watching is still golden and it was a good time!
The Red River Rivalry is a big deal here every year. Have any of you ever gone or have something similar in your area?

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