Good Guys Car Show, Texas Motor Speedway

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Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Texas Motor Speedway to check out the Good Guys car show. I was pretty excited about going (if you have seen my previous posts, this would be apparent). I have this infatuation with old trucks. I love them. I love them. I want one. Oh pretty please! Yes, this was Diana envy.
The air had cooled down the night before. I think the high on Saturday was in the 50’s (this is cold for Texas) and the wind was blowing (hence my hair). The wind makes it feel a little chilly but it’s just a good reason to wear vests and hats! It’s also a whole lot nicer than sweating in the sun.
Neither one of us had been to TMS in the past, let alone been inside the track. It was pretty neat being able to walk down to where the trucks / cars drive down and then walk underneath the race track. When we first got there, they had this extended race car that was giving rides around the track. It even stopped at the top of the track (see the pic below) to give the riders a glimpse of the angle the track sits on. Looked pretty fun but I’d rather be in a real race car going around. Wheeeee!
Our first view when walking inside the track. I can only imagine what it’s like on an actual race day with 40,000+ fans in the seats and the sound of the cars going around the track. I didn’t realize it but when the race cars go around, the sound doesn’t catch up to them until they’re on the other side of the track.
Speaking of sounds. The Fort Worth Alliance Air Show was going on just down the road. We got the best of both worlds. A few planes kept flying over (pretty low) and giving us all a show (or maybe they just wanted to check out the cars)!
Speaking of checking out cars, here are a few that we saw…
If this guy didn’t have his hat and eye wear, I don’t think I would’ve loved it as much (although the bell does win him extra points).
Then, there were some particularly unique vehicles…
Then a American favorite…
Then our favorites…
This was Sy’s…
This was mine.
It was the perfect shade of green! Matched my shoes!
Oh wait, a few more that we could race down the street in.
A few alternate methods of getting around the car show. Yes, these people definitely just looked like they were having fun on these before they got off for their pit stop.
This ride, actually looked like a whole lotta fun!
If only I was rich, could I travel across North America checking everything out and sharing it with all of you! (Maybe someday, here’s to hoping!)
Overall, the event was a lot of fun. We went in the late afternoon and actually got a cut on the price of admission (which was super because it was $18/person). There is also a flea market section and business area. Lots of cars, autographing opportunity and the cars even drive around the track twice a day. If you love car shows or hot rods, this is an event that I would recommend checking out at least once!

Do you have a favorite?

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