Sponsors and Alzheimers Memory Walk

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Hi Everyone!

I have signed up for the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk on October 13th in our local area.

In 2008, I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s. I was unable to understand what he was going thru and how to cope with the illness. Unfortunately, with most diseases we are unaware of how profound a diagnosis or a disease is until we have a loved one who is diagnosed.
Imagine being unable to recognize loved ones, forgetting precious memories or losing the ability to perform everyday functions. With contributions or a commitment to walk, we can all help to fight this disease and bring an end to Alzheimer’s.

I am walking to remember:
Paul, my grandfather. 2008
Aline, lifetime neighbor. 2012

If you are interested in signing up to walk with me or donating, please see our team website at Miles For Memories.


I’ve recently opened sponsorship opportunities for Down Home Traveler. Please check out the Contact/Sponsorship tab for more information and options available.

In lieu of the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk, I am offering free 45 day ads with a donation to team Miles For Memories. Donation confirmation will need to be seen prior to the ad being approved. Please see the Contact/Sponsor tab or email me for more information.

Thanks so much!


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